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This Electric Garage Opener Can Be Controlled From Anywhere


MyQ Garage Door Openers Now Compatible with Apple HomeKitRyobi, a manufacturing company that specializes in power tools and outdoor equipment, has developed an exciting new gadget that expands the functionality of your garage. This modular garage door opener offers a host of features that introduces a level of technology not normally seen in garages. Ryobi’s new device boasts a powerful 2 horsepower motor with a tough steel reinforced belt drive for lasting durability and strength. According to Ryobi, their opener operates 20% quieter than the competition.

Along with an LED light, rechargeable lithium battery, and limited lifetime warranty, this opener is built to last. Hardware specs aside, what else makes this opener interesting?

Ryobi has designed their device with an assortment of modular upgrade parts ranging from a cooling fan and carbon monoxide detector, all the way to a Bluetooth speaker. One module even has a parking assist option so you no longer have to worry about crashing into the wall.

But perhaps the most unique feature is the ability to remotely connect via a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your garage and manually close it from afar.

Pretty neat, no?

Unfortunately, this bundle of fun doesn’t come cheap: $250 for the base unit with individual add-on’s costing more. This device can certainly spark the interests of any garage enthusiast, but is it worth it? We’ll let you decide that.

Do I Need an Automatic Opener For My Garage?

A remote controlled garage can certainly be convenient for just about anyone. You won’t need to worry about getting out your car to open and close the garage all the time. This is especially beneficial during cold months and rainy seasons. Most openers come with a light that automatically turns on along with safety features that stop the door if an object or person is in the way.

It could be argued that no one needs an automatic opener, but they sure do make life easier. If you’re looking to have one installed or just want a quote, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help out.

How to Fix a Garage That Has a Door off Track

If you have a garage roller off track, the door is no longer safe to operate. When this happens, the door may appear crooked or stuck in an open position. Don’t try to yank the door down or walk underneath it. Unfortunately, many home and business owners neglect this advice which can often turn a simple repair into a complicated one. Tampering with the door in this position could cause the whole thing to come down and irreversibly damage the panel. Fixing the door will involve disengaging the emergency release and attempting to realign it. You may also need part replacement if it went off track due to a broken part. Don’t delay – contact our professional repair company and schedule service today.