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Why a Broken Garage Door Spring is No DIY Job

Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and are used countless times per day, so it’s understandable that eventually the springs will wear out. If you’ve got a broken garage door spring, you’re best option is to call a professional. Installing a new spring is a dangerous job due to the incredible amount of tension involved. If the spring is accidentally released, it can cause serious physical harm. Plus, it’s a complete pain in the neck. Call a professional and let them fix it while you watch the game. Somethings are best left doing the easy way.

Aside from the danger and the hassle of it, there are plenty of other reasons why you should leave the job to the professionals. First, it’s difficult finding which size of replacement springs to buy. Second, many retailers won’t sell them to an amateur because it is such a dangerous job. Fixing the springs on a broken garage door can cost anywhere from $125 to $225, depending on how many springs need replaced.

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