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Garage Door Off Track? Precise Repairs by Sacramento Pros

If your garage door has come off its tracks, you need it repaired quickly and correctly. Our technicians are local to Sacramento and can get your door (and your day) back on track with quality repairs on a quick timeline. A garage door that’s come out of balance and off its tracks is a hazard to all your garage door’s other parts, and it’s also a safety hazard. You want to prevent further damage and eliminate the dangers of the garage door potentially falling down.

But a door off its tracks isn’t a YouTube-it-and-see-what-happens situation. Repairing a garage door that has come off its tracks can be very dangerous – a garage door can weigh several hundred pounds. This task isn’t a DIY garage door repair job; give us a call or submit the Quick Estimate form and our technicians will take care of it for you.

Don’t Keep Using a Garage Door that’s Jumped its Tracks

An off-track garage door might seem like a minor problem, especially if you can still technically operate the garage door, but when a door is off track it is also out of balance and can be extremely dangerous. All your garage door’s parts must work together when the door is in operation, so if your garage door has come out of balance, you can bet there are a few other parts and pieces that will need adjusted as well.

Operating a garage door that is out of balance or off its track will also cause problems with your garage door’s automatic opener. The garage door opener’s motor could burn out, the torsion springs could break, or the entire door could crash to the ground. You can damage the rollers, trolley, hinges, not to mention that you have no idea how an off-track door affects the reverse safety mechanism of the garage door opener.

Your garage door repair cost will also be astronomically higher than if you had just stopped using the door once you noticed it was crooked or had jumped its tracks and called in the pros. No one wants to deal with garage door repairs, but SACS makes the process easy. We identify the problem and fix it right so you save money and avoid dangerous problems, whether you see us by appointment or need assistance with your broken garage door in the dead middle of the night (because we provide 24/7 emergency garage door repair services, too!).

Why Did My Garage Door Come Off its Tracks?

Usually a door will come off track when it is out of balance, which can happen for a few reasons, like regular wear-and-tear, changes in the garage door’s frame, or an issue with the garage door opener’s limit settings. There are a few ways you can tell your door isn’t aligned anymore and will (or already has) come off its tracks:

  • The garage door opener struggles to lift and lower the door.
  • Your door is noisy or making a grinding sound when you operate it.
  • When the door is lowered, the bottom of the door isn’t parallel with the ground.
  • Rollers have come outside of their track or the track is broken.
  • The garage door’s trolley moves irregularly or seems to stick in a certain spot.

Re-balancing an off-track garage door is a common repair our technicians can handle for you as part of routine maintenance. Sometimes, it can be difficult to discern why the door became unbalanced in the first place, but we can figure it out and take action to prevent the door from coming off track! The best course of action anytime your garage door suddenly stops working the way it used to is to stop using it and give us a call for a consultation visit and expert advice on what to do next.

A broken cable, a bent track, broken roller, object in the door path and other many other things can throw a door out of balance. We service cables and tracks for customers throughout the Sacramento, Los Angeles and Seattle metropolitan areas, and we’re just a phone call away. Our technicians are local to these areas, so we can come to your business or residence within hours. So, if you’ve got a garage door off track, give us a call or submit a Quick Estimate form, we’re happy to help!

We’re available 24/7 for garage door emergencies in the Greater Sacramento area, including Folsom and Rocklin.

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Fixing a Broken Garage Door Spring

Repairing your broken garage door spring is as easy as calling Sacs Garage Door Repair! Don’t attempt to fix it yourself, as your garage door could severely injure you with its immense weight. Our professional team of workers will come out to your home or business and assess the overall condition of your garage door to ensure optimal functionality while also addressing any clear areas of breakage. We can inform you of the global health of your garage door and identify potential areas of weakness in an attempt to avoid future troubles. Call us today to schedule an estimate and repair.