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Garage doors don’t last forever. Most last about 15 to 20 years tops. The good news is that new garage door installation has one of the highest returns on investment of any home repair — 99%, virtually dollar for dollar. Installing a new garage door costs a decent chunk of money, but if you do it right, you get a long life out of it and, of course, that awesome ROI. Seriously – 99%? Most people only install a new garage door once or twice in their lifetime. It’s a decision worth making carefully.

How Do You Know it’s Time for a New Garage Door? 

The decision to replace a garage door is much like a decision to replace the oven or refrigerator in your kitchen. You’ve dragged it out for as long as possible; chances are, even asking yourself if it’s time to outright replace your garage door is a sign it’s time. Yeah, none of us like taking a couple thousand dollar hit. But just like that stove that only has 2 burners that work and take 90 minutes to heat up to 350, a garage door that’s dented, cracked, and making really rickety sounds each time it moves needs to be replaced. Let it rest – it’s done you a lot of good for a long time. 

Naturally, a thousand dollar plus investments in your home, you want to take time to budget and plan. That’s only natural. Perhaps you’d prefer to wait for this year’s tax return or discuss a home improvement loan with your bank. You also need to educate yourself on what garage door design, size, materials, and openers are best – it’s how you make sure you get that dollar-for-dollar return. 

Installing a new garage door the right way has amazing return on investment, far outweighing kitchen renos and bathroom additions. So you need to make it count. Do your research, design a quality overhead door, and hire the right exterior door installers to set it up for you. 

Making the Most of Your Garage Door Installation

SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR of Sacramento and Seattle specializes in all garage door brands; we do new door installation as well as opener installation, garage door maintenance, and repairs – even emergency ones. We feature certified, insured technicians and 100% guarantees on any service. Our technicians are experienced in servicing nearly any type of overhead door, whether commercial or residential.

Garage doors may also need replaced due to damage. This can be the result of weather, a vehicle accident, or greater wear. If the damage is a result of weather, it may be covered by your insurance policy. Before you schedule anything, take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers your garage door in any way; you might find you don’t need that money you stashed away at all!

Regardless, garage door is an investment — and it’s a decision that should be made wisely. Don’t try to save a few dollars by installing the door yourself. You may very well void the warranty, and damage either the door, the door’s opener, or the tracks. Not to mention, if the garage door is installed improperly, it may seem to work fine for a week or two, but by the time it starts making weird noises or closing improperly, the damage has already been done. 

A professional garage door installation and repair company like SACS can make sure the door is installed correctly — that it’s well balanced and the tracks are in perfect alignment. This ensures your new garage door actually improves your home’s appearance, safety and convenience. Plus, it helps your garage door opener last as long as possible; since it’s working with a balanced door and properly installed parts, it’s not having to work too hard to open and close the overhead door.

Sometimes You Just Need a Simple Garage Door Repair

We love a new garage door install, but if your door simply isn’t working properly, chances are it just needs repair, not outright replacement. You may just need to repair or replace the opener. Damaged panels of your garage door may need replaced. Maybe your garage door’s torsion spring needs fixed or replaced. Could be the trolley, a bent track, a loose cable – garage doors have a lot of moving parts, and any one of them could be the culprit of a weird noise or failure to operate properly. 

If your garage door isn’t old, dented and worn out, give us a call to take a look at it before you go ahead and start the process of choosing a replacement overhead door. Cost of garage door repair, naturally, is way less than the cost of a new garage door. We repair garage doors of all kinds, including cable and track repairs, torsion spring replacement, trolley repair, panel replacement, and opener service.

5 Cool Benefits of a New Garage Door

Okay, but let’s get back to why a new garage door is awesome. You didn’t think a new garage door was only about style, did you? The truth is, there’s actually some pretty awesome benefits of replacing an old garage door with a new one that go way past appearance!

1) Curb Appeal

With a new garage door, your home’s curb appeal will increase. Why? Simple: your garage accounts for a significant portion of the façade of your home. An attractive garage makes your home look better which, in turn, increases your home’s curb appeal. While this is great for showing off, it’s also excellent for those who wish to sell their home. 

Not to mention, when you display to your neighbors that you’re upgrading your curb appeal, it will inspire others to do the same. And as homes all over your street become better-looking, home values in the whole neighborhood will rise. It’s a domino effect, and you could be that first domino!

2) Return on Investment (ROI)

Like we said, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck in home renovations, look no further than replacing your garage door. The ROI for a new garage door is as high as 90%. That means if you ever sell your home, you can easily get 99% of cost of the door returned to you.

3) Increased Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners report a lower energy bill after replacing their panel. This is true – newer garage doors can offer better insulation which will reduce your overall heating and cooling bill. If you pair your new door with an energy-efficient garage door opener and take a moment to insulate the rest of your garage, too, you’ll likely notice a sizable difference in your electric and/or gas bills. Better yet, you’ll also notice it’s not horrifically hot in your garage during the summer anymore.

4) Increased Home Security

This one’s about the garage door opener more than the door itself, but still, it’s a factor to think about. First, a damaged garage door that can’t close properly leaves your home and its contents vulnerable to people with bad intentions. Cracked fiberglass doors are easy to completely break, and steel overhead doors left to rust can create weak spots in the door as well.

As well, older garage door openers with remote controls tend to work on a universal signal, making them super easy to pirate. Like, a layman could pirate the signal – you do not have to be a hacker to figure it out. New garage door openers are different; they work on specific signals and have smart features that notify you when the garage door opens and closes. Pair it with a cheap little Wyze camera and you’ve got a comprehensive security monitoring system for your new garage door.

5) Better Safety Features

When a garage door fails to stop closing when something is underneath it, things can get scary. Especially if you have little kids running around. New garage doors have beefed-up safety features for this purpose. And they also have battery backups for power outages, which have potential life-saving benefits in cases of emergency evacuations due to wildfires.

So, if you’re looking to replace your garage door and/or your garage door opener, don’t let cost hold you back. As you can see, a replacement garage door often pays for itself in more ways than one!

Insulation for Garage Doors Explained

You might think you don’t need an insulated garage door — given the hot summers in Sacramento and the mild winters in Seattle. But it’s the hot months that actually make an insulated garage door a good idea. Insulation slows down the transfer of both hot and cold air. In other words, it keeps your house cooler during the summer — which can mean big savings for your energy bill.

Insulated doors are rated according to their R-value — a measurement of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. It essentially measures the transfer of heat energy. The higher the R-value, the better insulation there is to a door. For the best energy savings, an R-Value of 16 is ideal, especially if you plan on using the garage for exercise or relaxation during the hot months. If you are simply concerned about car storage, an R-Value of 10 should be sufficient.

There are a few choices for garage door insulation, and not all of them even require you to get a brand new garage door; though, it’s definitely something we’d recommend for max efficiency.

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass has a high R-value, but is messy to work with.
  • Rigid Foam: Basically styrofoam (think those coolers you use for camping), rigid foams are low-cost, easy to work with, and lightweight, which means no extra stress on your garage door’s torsion springs and opener.
  • Spray Foam: Simple. Cheap. But not super effective. We’d recommend this as more of a stop gap, if anything. 
  • Cellulose: Cellulose is made of natural and recycled materials that have been fire treated for safety. It’s an eco-friendly and efficient option for garage door insulation, but it is the most expensive option, too.

What Material Do You Want for Your New Garage Door?

When it comes to the type of material you choose for your garage door, it can vary according to quality, style, price, and maintenance needs. Each material has different advantages in each category, including those important insulator values we just discussed. Consider your budget and needs, and then talk to a professional garage door service company like SACS for further consultation. We’re always happy to come out for a home visit, discuss your parameters, and give advice on what would best suit your unique garage door needs.

Wood & Wood Composite

Wood is by far the most visually appealing of all garage door materials, which is part of why they tend to have the highest price. They look upscale (because they are), and to be honest, there’s nothing like the look of a huge, solid wood garage door – it screams tradition and elegance. A quality wood garage door will wear well, but won’t last as long as other materials, with wood being a natural material susceptible to sun and moisture. However, wood is a great insulator, so that’s something to weigh when considering cost of a wood garage door.

Wooden garage doors also require more maintenance as the wood needs sanded, treated and painted or sealed from time to time. Getting a composite wood door or a solid core wood door will be a little less expensive. Another advantage to composite wooden garage doors is their weight ratio. They are extremely light. Wooden overhead doors carry more weight, which causes your garage door opener work harder and, in turn, live a shorter life.

Steel & Aluminum

Steel is less expensive than wood, but also easy to dent. You’ll want to get at least 24 to 25 gauge steel for better durability. Steel will also need insulated. But the great thing about steel is you can use filler to fix dents, and as long as the door itself isn’t structurally compromised, you can always just replace a single panel and not the whole garage door.

Aluminum overhead doors are fairly lightweight, making them ideal for extra wide doors. Laminated panels are dent-resistant. It can be more expensive if you choose a door with a heavy-duty frame. Lighter doors are available, but these are more susceptible to dents. There are some easy DIY garage door repairs when it comes to dents, however; a little bit of physics can pull a dent right out of the door.

Both aluminum and steel overhead doors need to be insulated with a foam core. Another thing we love about aluminum doors specifically, is the ability to design full-view glass and aluminum-framed overhead garage doors. Besides being super cool and modern, they allow you to convert your garage into any sort of room you’d like, because they let in so much natural light and don’t look like a typical garage door. Frost the glass, and you’ve got all the privacy in the world with a bunch of natural light still let inside. Glass panels can be treated to insulate the door as well.


Fiberglass garage doors are a good choice for active households whose garage doors take more abuse than others. Think little kids crashing bikes into it or teenagers who haven’t exactly nailed down how far they should pull the car into the driveway when the garage door is closed. Fiberglass is a solid insulator, really strong, won’t warp, rot or rust, and can be customized in color, texture, windows, size, etc.

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Now you know what truly goes in to choosing the right replacement garage door. And like we said, the last – but perhaps the most important – step is to ensure the new garage door and its opener are installed properly and by professionals so the warranties stay valid. Call SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR for a complete inspection, advice, repairs – anything you need, we’ve got you. And that includes broken garage door emergencies, because a messed up garage door isn’t just inconvenient – it’s also unsafe. 

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve the Roseville and Greater Sacramento areas, as well as the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area. All of our technicians are experienced and friendly, certified and insured, and provide every customer with prompt, professional service.

How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

When it comes to garage door price, there’re a few factors involved. Cost is influenced by the nature of the service including parts and labor. Minor repairs could be as low as $50, with the average cost of a service visit being between $100 to $250. The most expensive repairs involve the entire door being replaced. New garage doors vary in price widely, depending on the type of door you want to be installed. Our repair company offers free quotes 24/7 for residents of El Dorado Hills and nearby counties. Contact us today and we can help you better understand the costs involved as well as perform any repairs you may need.