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Call Sacs for New Garage Door Installation

Most people choose to install new garage doors due to cosmetic issues. The garage door simply looks worn out. This makes the entire property look rundown, lessening property values. Installing new doors is an investment that will increase the value of your home. Call Sac’s today. We specialize in all brands and do new door installation as well as opener installation. We feature certified technicians and 100% guaranteed service. Our technicians are experienced in servicing nearly any type of overhead door in Sacramento, whether commercial or residential.

Garage doors may also need replaced due to damage. This can be the result of weather, a vehicle accident, or greater wear. If the damage is a result of weather, it may be covered by your insurance policy.

If your door simply isn’t working properly, chances are it just needs repair, not outright replacement. You may just need to repair or replace the opener. Damaged panels of your garage door may need replaced. We repair garage doors, including cable and track repairs, spring replacement, panel replacement, and opener service.

3 Cool Benefits of a New Garage Door

You didn’t think a new garage door was only about style, did you? The truth is, there’s actually some pretty awesome benefits of replacing an old garage door with a new one!

1) Curb Appeal

With a new garage door, your curb appeal will increase. Why? Simple: your garage accounts for a significant portion of your home. An attractive garage makes your home look better which, in turn, increases your home’s curb appeal. While this is great for showing off, it’s also excellent for those who wish to sell their home.

2) Return of Investment (ROI)

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck in home renovations, look no further than replacing your garage door. The ROI for a new garage door is as high as 90%. That means if you ever sell your home, you can easily get 90% of cost of the door returned to you.

3) Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners report a lower energy bill after replacing their panel. This is true – newer garage doors can offer better insulation which will reduce your overall heating and cooling bill.

So, if you’re looking to replace your own panel, don’t let cost hold you back. As you can see, a replacement garage door often pays for itself!

Insulation for Garage Doors Explained

You might think you don’t need an insulated garage door — given the hot summers in Sacramento, California. But it’s the hot months that actually make an insulated garage door a good idea. Insulation slows down the transfer of both hot and cold air. In other words, it keeps your house cooler during the summer — which can mean big savings for your energy bill.

Insulated doors are rated according to their R-value — a measurement of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. It essentially measures the transfer of heat energy. The higher the R-value, the better insulation there is to a door. For the best energy savings, an R-Value of 16 is ideal, especially if you plan on using the garage for exercise or relaxation during the hot months. If you are simply concerned about car storage, an R-Value of 10 should be sufficient.

What Material Do You Want for Your New Garage Door?

When it comes to the type of material you choose for your garage door, it can vary according to quality, price, and maintenance needs. Each material has different advantages in each category. Consider your budget and needs, and then talk to a professional garage door service for further consultation.

Wood and Wood Composite

Wood is by far the most visually appealing of all garage door materials. They tend to have the highest price. They wear well, but don’t last as long over time. They also require more maintenance as the wood needs sanded, treated and painted from time to time. Getting a composite door will be a little less expensive. Another advantage to composite doors is their weight ratio. They are extremely light.


Steel is less expensive than wood, but also easy to dent. You’ll want to get at least 24 to 25 gauge steel for better durability. If you’ve got kids, you might consider a fiberglass door which is more resilient to dents.


Aluminum is fairly light weight and is ideal for extra wide doors. Laminated panels are dent resistant. It can be more expensive if you choose a door with a heavy duty frame. Lighter doors are available, but these are more susceptible to dents. There are some easy DIY garage door repairs when it comes to dents however.

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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

When it comes to garage door price, there’re a few factors involved. Cost is influenced by the nature of the service including parts and labor. Minor repairs could be as low as $50, with the average cost of a service visit being between $100 to $250. The most expensive repairs involve the entire door being replaced. New garage doors vary in price widely, depending on the type of door you want to be installed. Our repair company offers free quotes 24/7 for residents of El Dorado Hills and nearby counties. Contact us today and we can help you better understand the costs involved as well as perform any repairs you may need.