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Qualities that Make the Best Garage Door Service

KubrickWhen it comes to great garage door service, what qualities should you look for? Ultimately, you’re looking for a company that is honest in what it delivers and doesn’t suggest work you don’t really need. You’re also looking for a company you can trust. And when it comes to keeping costs down, you want a company that will also work as efficiently as possible.

Are They Transparent?

A good company will explain all repairs and the costs associated with them. They should be upfront about any hidden fees. They should also explain what repairs are absolutely required and which might just be a good idea. A trustworthy company will always provide a written estimate they will stand behind.

Can You Trust Them?

These people will be working on your property, possibly when you are not around. Can you trust them? Look up the company’s reputation online. Ask around. You don’t want anybody sketchy.  Some repairs, like springs, are dangerous.

Are they Efficient?

Remember, efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. You want a company that will work quickly and get the job done fast, but not in a shoddy way. You want them to use quality materials that will last.

Call Sac’s Garage Door Repair today for a free estimate. Serving Folsom and the Greater Sacramento areas, we specialize in all kinds of garage door repairs, including garage door spring repair.

Do You Need Garage Door Spring Repair? Call Us!

We’ll level with you. There are a number of garage door repairs you can do yourself, providing you are pretty handy with a toolkit. Garage door springs are not one of those repairs. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension. It’s this tension that makes raising and lowering the door feel so easy. Yet if the springs suddenly snap or are otherwise released, they can cause serious bodily injury or even death.

That’s why it is so important to call us for any garage door spring or cable repair. It’s a dangerous job, but we have both the expertise and special tools to do it safely.

When’s the Last Time You Inspected Your Springs?

You can give your garage door springs and cables a visual inspection. Look for any signs of rust, fraying, or brittleness. If you see any cause for concern, call us.

You should probably have your springs can cables inspected by a garage door professional on an annual basis.

Garage Door Repair DIY: Opening the Door When the Electricity Goes Out

Most emergency garage door fix-it DIY tips are Googled when the door doesn’t work and you are late for work. Never fear. We’ll get you out the door with time to hit that muffin stand yet. If the power is out to your garage and the door is shut, circumventing the electronic opener is easy. Pull on the cord hanging from the top of the door. Usually it will have a red handle. It’s the manual override. Once you pull it, you can open up the door the old fashioned way with just a little elbow grease. After work, you should probably check the breaker box. Most likely, you’re the victim of a blown fuse.