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Storefront Glass Door Repair & Installation Services

Commercial glass entry doors are an attractive option for businesses who want to have an aesthetically-pleasing yet tough exterior door. Properly installed, high-quality commercial glass doors can withstand the test of time and frequent usage without an effect on their performance. Properly-maintained commercial door glass remains attractive and gleaming over a long life.

Another benefit of high-quality glass is that it allows customers to view the interior of your store, which may help draw in potential buyers. Line of sight from the street is an advantage to many kinds of businesses, like restaurants, cafes, tattoo shops, bars, art galleries – you get it.

But because some glass doors have the potential to be broken into, many shop owners are concerned about security. But this concern doesn’t really hold water anymore, as many types of reinforced glass for commercial use are on the market today.

Fortunately, we offer a variety of these storefront glass door options, such as industrial-grade safety glass and security locks. The right commercial door glass and a quality installer can give you the best of both worlds: you get to enjoy the sleek style of glass doors without having to worry about someone breaking into your building.

Why You Should Take Care of Your Commercial Store Doors

You know, there’s something to be said about brand-new, shiny, glass storefront doors. It’s almost as if they encourage your customers to walk right in. And truth be told, high-quality doors are very inviting. When your business looks like it’s well-cared for and invested in, it’s a visual cue to customers that you care about the quality of your product/service.

If you need repairs for a storefront glass door, don’t wait any longer – you may be losing business you didn’t even know about. After all, would you want to walk into a business with run down looking doors? Have you ever counted how many people walk pass your business on a daily basis? Is it 100 people? 1000? What if fixing your doors could bring in 10, 20, or even 50 more people a day? That could add up to hundreds of new potential customers every month!

Savvy business owners know that installing glass store doors will help increase their profits and customer base. And, best of all, your new doors will often pay for themselves thanks to all the new customers. Newly-installed, reinforced commercial glass doors can also increase your facility’s energy efficiency, returning even more of the initial cost of the doors through reduced overhead.

What Type of Storefront Garage Door Do You Need?

There are a number of storefront garage doors to choose from. Self-explanatory, overhead panel garage doors have the same basic design as the traditional residential door, though commercial doors tend to be larger, sturdier, and better able to withstand weather and burglars. Set up on a track or rail, other types of overhead doors have slats that allow the door to roll, and occasionally they can be a single piece that swing up.

Roll up doors are comprised of many thin steel slats that can be rolled up into a coil when fully open. The primary advantage of commercial roll up doors is their compact storage. They also look tidy and professional. When rolled up in a storage position, it’s easy to forget they are even there. This way the entrance to your store looks clean, open, and more inviting.

Commercial gates, sometimes called scissor gates, move from left to right like a sliding door, but can be stored in a confined space like an accordion. Most are constructed from thick steel, but ventilated, so it’s more like a fence than a door. It provides security from theft but no so much the weather. They are often used by businesses as a second layer of enforcement in addition to a traditional garage door.

The trendy choice right now for storefronts is full-view aluminum and glass garage doors. They’re commercial doors that multitask. They let light in; they’re secure; they’re attractive; they allow an indoor-outdoor flow; and they’re also windows! And that indoor-outdoor, eco-industrial vibe is just the thing to make a Sacramento storefront stand out.

Commercial Glass Door Repair Service in Sacramento

Not only do we offer installation of new storefront glass doors, we can also repair existing doors. Sometimes, it’s not feasible for a business to purchase a brand-new door. In many cases, renovating existing doors can be a viable option for companies who wish to keep their storefront attractive while on a budget.

Maybe your commercial doors are in great condition, it’s just the glass that needs an upgrade. Our certified technicians have many years of experience repairing exterior doors to a brand-new condition. If you’re not sure what option is best for you, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

All SACS technicians are certified and insured, and our work is always 100% guaranteed. And after your commercial door glass replacement or tune up, we’re always available for ongoing maintenance and any future services you may need.

Professional Storefront Door Repair for Businesses in Sacramento

Keeping your storefront doors in great condition is an important part of managing a business in Sacramento. After all, if your competitor’s storefront looks more welcoming than yours, who do you think customers will choose? Here at Sac’s, we know how critical it is for storeowners to keep their doors maintained. That’s why we offer professional storefront doors repair for businesses throughout Sacramento. If you’re tired of dealing with an unreliable door, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We’ll help repair your doors back to new, working condition. And if they’re not fixable, we’ll help you choose a brand-new set of doors that are sure to encourage more customers to enter!