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Commercial Door Installation and Service for Businesses

When it comes to your commercial business, how your doors look and function can be just as important as the quality of your storefront sign or look and relaxed feel of your interior. This is especially true in California — where a retractable glass door allows you to run your restaurant or bar outside and bring in the feel of the outdoors when the weather is beautiful. That’s why every detail to your commercial glass door installation has to be perfect. This is an area we excel in. We’ll help get you the perfect door for your business — one that’s inviting and professional. You’ll love the results.

Whether you’re a new store owner or you’re renovating an office, Sac’s Garage Door Repair Company offers commercial door installation services across the Sacramento area including Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, and more. Our experienced technicians can help you install commercial doors including glass storefront doors, metal building doors, wood doors, office doors, and so much more! Here at Sac’s, we take great pride in all areas of our business – from consultation and installation to our continued support and maintenance for your doors. No matter what type of door you need, you can rely on us thanks to our 100% service guarantee.

Types of Storefront Garage Doors Available

There are a number of varieties of storefront doors available, depending on your needs for security and aesthetics. Most are either metal or glass. Metal obviously offers the most security, while glass allows for more natural light and tends to be more visually appealing.

Metal doors tend to be either steel or aluminum. Steel doors tend to be extremely sturdy and secure. They are perfect for loading areas, entry points, and back doors where you need substantial security. They are durable, secure, and efficiently affordable.

Aluminum doors work well for entrances. They are sleek looking and fairly lightweight. They don’t require much maintenance, but do tend to dent easily. Aluminum is nice because it looks great but is also very secure.

Glass doors are very popular for the front of businesses. They allow in lighter, tend to look beautiful, sleek and modern. They can also help the inside of a business look roomier.

The other beauty of glass doors is they show off your merchandise from the street. Yet this can also be a downside. Burglars can also see in, and the doors are prone to break-ins. Glass doors provide a beautiful appearance but relatively limited security.

Why Choose Sac’s for Your Commercial Storefront Doors and More

Home and business owners across Sacramento rely on Sac’s Garage Door Repair Company to service and maintain their garage doors, commercial doors, and to provide professional locksmith services for a variety of locks. We’re a local, family-owned business that keeps our operation small and close to home. That way, we can focus on providing outstanding service to all our customers. We hold ourselves accountable for providing only the highest quality of repairs and installation available today. If you’re in need of a new commercial door installation in Sacramento, please give us a call today at 916-442-7243.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

Every shopkeeper has been there. You’re closing up after a hard day and discover you’ve got a problem with your door. Perhaps it won’t raise or lower or it doesn’t lock. Maybe a vandal through a garbage can right through the glass. And though it may be tempting to just make it look like the door is locked or cover up the hole with wood or cardboard, you’re opening up your business to a serious liability.

Think about all that inventory. And remember that professional thieves train themselves to spot a busted garage door, no matter how well you try to hide it. They see it as an opportunity.

Fortunately, we do 24/7 emergency garage door and business door repair. Give us a call anytime of the day or night. We’ll come out and fix it immediately. Don’t worry. You’ll soon be home to your TV, fridge full of beer and warm bed before you know it. We’ve got this.

Storefront Glass Door Repair by Experienced Technicians

Glass storefront doors are an appealing option for businesses who want to have an inviting entrance to their store. But nothing detracts customers more than worn out storefront doors. If you’re in need of new commercial glass entry doors, give us a call today. We can repair or replace nearly any type of door quickly and efficiently. Whether your door has been broken into or it’s just seen better days, our friendly technicians are ready to help. Convenient appointment scheduling is available as well as 24 / 7 emergency service. Call to schedule today.