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Calling a Technician to Fix a Garage Door Torsion Spring


Noisy garage door springs? Try spraying them down with an oil lubricant, but be careful to not actually touch the springs. If a liberal dose doesn’t fix the problem, call a professional. You’ve got a big problem on the horizon. If the spring has actually broken and needs replaced, definitely call a technician.  Installing a garage door torsion spring can be a very risky procedure.

Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and it’s the springs that actually lift all that weight seemingly with ease. A suddenly released spring can be fatal or cause serious injury. A professional will have the right tools to properly measure and cut the spring. They will have the proper tools to ensure the springs have the right tension. They will also properly balance the door and properly wind the springs to avoid further problems.

Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Repair

It’s a good idea to give your garage door springs a detailed visual inspection every few months. Look for signs of wear — rust, slack or bent springs. If you see anything that’s a concern, call a professional for a more detailed inspection. Always remember that garage door spring repair is dangerous. You should always call a professional for your garage door springs, especially torsion springs. Your springs are under incredible tension and extremely dangerous. Keeping them in safe and workable condition is important.

If you notice your garage door excessively creaking, grinding, or squeaking, there’s a good chance your springs are over strained. They will likely need replaced.

If the garage door opens or closes more slowly than usual, your springs are likely under too much strain and may need adjusted or outright replaced. A broken spring may put too much weight on the opener, causing it to function more slowly.

If you have a crooked door, it may be that the extension spring or cable is damaged. These springs are usually mounted on either side of the door and operate independently. If one side breaks, this can cause one side of the door to pull more than the other.

If you release the door from the automatic opener and can’t open it manually, or find there’s a lot of strain when you do, chances are your springs are shot. Contact a professional for an inspection.

The Best Garage Door Repair in Sacramento

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What To Do In The Event Of A Garage Door Off Track

A misaligned garage door usually means the roller wheel slipped off the track. This could happen if the door was hit by a car or slammed down too hard, as well as from broken cables. If your door won’t budge, or if it looks slanted, don’t try to force it down. This door weighs hundreds of pounds and you don’t want it to come down on you or your property. Clear the area of people and property and give Sac’s a call. Whether it’s day or night, we’ll head on over to get your door back on track and operating safely.