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Garage Door Repair: Preparing for the Winter

Rusty Hinge

Winter’s hard on garage doors, especially if you don’t keep up on regular preventative maintenance. Many people send in their cars for tune-ups when colder months approach. They take out their air conditioners. Maybe even plastic up the windows. Clean the filters on their furnace. As you prepare for winter, make sure to make room for garage door inspection and repair. You’ll thank yourself when it’s running smoothly. It will be one last winter hassle you have to deal with as you’re struggling to get out the door on a frozen wintry morning.

Prepare for winter with these handy garage door repair tips.

Make sure your overhead door is lubricated properly. Cold weather affects the metal frames on the door, which can cause it to become stuck in the track.

Use a good quality lubricant to keep things running smoothly

Oil down all moving parts on your garage door with an approved garage door lubricant. Do not use WD40 — this will cause the parts of your garage door to permanently rust. Apply it with a paint brush to get into the nooks and crannies properly. This will help your door open and close more smoothly and protect it against the cold.

Inspect your garage door trolley for any signs of damage. A change in weather temperature can often cause rust and other problems. A broken garage door opener trolley can be repaired or replaced by a knowledgeable technician.

Frozen water near a garage door tends to catch the weather stripping as it sticks to the ground. When you raise the door, it peels away, ruining the seal and insulation on the interior. Use a broom to brush snow, water and ice away from the bottom of the door to protect the weather stripping.

Salt and grime are as much a part of winter as snow and hot chocolate. Dirty snow sludge can block the photo eyes which are designed to sense obstructions and cause your door not to work properly. Keep these clean of grime to ensure the door continues to work properly.

The Warmth and Protection of Insulated Garage Doors

If you do live in an area that gets cold or you just want extra protection from Sacramento’s hot summers, consider installing an insulated garage door. An insulated door is a lot more energy efficient. If your garage is attached to the house, the insulated door will not only keep your garage warmer but cut down on the heating bills of the house as well.

Because most garages are not designed as living spaces, they tend to have more gaps in windows, walls, and paneling. This makes them terribly inefficient. An insulated door can better seal your garage door and increase its efficiency. It can also help protect your car against extreme conditions.

As an added bonus, insulated doors are also very durable. It will stand up to kids, cars, and equipment better. Insulated doors are usually steel or aluminum doors with solid core insulation sandwiched between single or dual panels. Regular doors tend to be thin, hollow metal which dents easily.

How’s Your Garage Door Bottom Seal?

Even if you live in a warm climate like Sacramento, California, you still need to prepare for winter weather. You might not have snow to worry about — but the winter time rainstorms can be severe. That’s why it’s essential that your garage door bottom seal is in good shape. This is what keeps out dirt, debris and rain from entering the garage. In an extreme storm, the garage door bottom seal may very well keep your garage from flooding.

Overtime, the material for the seal will become cracked and dried out. It will need replaced. This is a DIY garage door repair you can do yourself with a few basic tools. Purchase a new seal measured the length of your garage door at a hardware store. Remove the screws attaching the bracket holding in the seal. Remove the old seal and throw it away. Slide the new seal back in its place and reattach the screws.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Garage Door Repairs

It’s also a good idea to have your garage door inspected periodically, usually about once a year. Having a professional look at it just before winter can help you prepare for the cold by being up on any needed repairs ahead of time. Call Sac’s Garage Door Repair to schedule an inspection. Serving the Roseville and Greater Sacramento areas, we feature a 100% guaranty.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is damaged, it needs repair immediately, especially in winter. Unfortunately, cold weather can be particularly hard on your garage door. Your door may become stuck due to icy issues. Your opener may have a harder time working in the cold. Winter is often the time we get our most garage door service calls, especially for emergency repairs.

You deserve to have a fully functioning garage door as soon as possible. Whether it’s a repair issue with the automatic opener or the garage door itself, we will have it back up and running as soon as possible. Since garage doors are usually attached to the house, keeping them repaired is essential to energy efficiency. Plus, it is a security issue to say nothing about convenience. Who wants to bother with raising and lowering a garage door when it’s freezing out?

We serve hundreds of homes and businesses in the Sacramento area. Our work is certified and guaranteed. Give us a call any time of the day or night. We repair garage doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Garage Door Repair Companies

Most homeowners have no trouble doing basic maintenance to their garage doors when it’s needed. The trick, however, is knowing what preventative maintenance to do and what safety issues to watch out for. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire professionals who specialize in garage door repair for both major issues and routine annual inspection. This way you can be sure that nothing will be missed. They can also help fix misaligned garage door springs, which can be serious safety issues and definitely not something you want to tackle yourself. Call Sac’s Garage Door Repair to schedule an appointment. All of our work is 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.