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Garage Door Repair

We offer repair service for garage doors and your opener for residential and business. Cable loose or broken? Need to replace a broken spring? Garage door motor acting up? Need a new garage door? Need to replace just a few panels or sections? Need a new remote for the garage door motor because it doesn’t work or has limited range? We have you covered! Call Sac’s Locksmith and Garage Door Repair now at (916) 442-7243 if you want dependable and quality service. Some of our most loyal customers are local property management companies because we can make an entire office complex or apartment building’s set of keys right away. You don’t want an untrained locksmith company that doesn’t have the needed and reliable techniques to provide quality locksmith services.  We only use the industry’s finest replacement products for our reliable sales and unmatched locksmith service. If you are in need of getting new keys made after a fired or disgruntled employee threatens you or if you have an unstable former tenant, give Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair a call. We’ll be discreet and make new keys in a hurry and provide you the best customer service. We’ll make new locks for fences, gates, cabinets, garage doors or any type of entry door, bedroom door locks.

Never call a locksmith who doesn’t have the qualified experience and attentive attention to detail that we have. We want to make sure that all of your tired locks are replaced and the new ones will work much better than the old ones. That seems like a basic skill all locksmiths should have but we hear the bad news that people hire an unskilled locksmith and now their locks don’t work at all. We make sure our keys are the highest quality keys that won’t give you trouble in the future. Trust the very well-trained and friendly locksmith professionals at Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair to use only the industry’s finest replacement parts and quality locking mechanisms you can find anywhere.

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Can You Fix Your Broken Garage Door Yourself?

Although it may look like a potentially easy fix, you would be taking your life into your hands to attempt to fix your garage door by yourself. Garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds, and if yours is off its track and collapses on you, that could cause catastrophic injury. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experiences in all sorts of garage door issues. We will be happy to come out to your property and assess the situation to ascertain the problem and suggest a workable solution for your garage door and your budget. Give us a call to discuss your options.