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Professional Exterior Aluminum Door Installation

Are you ready for a new set of aluminum storefront doors? If so, call us at 916-442-7243 to schedule service now. We’re a family-owned repair company with many years of experience in garage doors, locksmith services, and storefront door repair. We provide service for both residential and commercial customers who are looking to enhance their exterior doors through repairs or installation of new doors. As a business owner, you know how important your front door is. Not only does it keep your products safe, it’s the first thing your customers see when they’re in front of your business. And there’s nothing that will uninvite customers quicker than rundown doors.

Advantages of Aluminum Garage Doors for Businesses

Aluminum glass garage doors have numerous advantages, which is why they are so popular with businesses. They are highly functional, easy to maintain and keep clean, and quite slick looking. They give a business a modern look and the windows let in natural light. In fact, overhead aluminum glass window garage doors have become quite popular with breweries and other restaurants. You can keep them closed during rainy or cold weather. On beautiful sunny days, keep them open and breathe in the outdoors.

You can also install insulated garage doors for greater energy efficiency. This can be especially handy if you run a restaurant or brewery and want to keep your guests comfortable.

The other advantage to aluminum doors is their weight. A lighter door can help improve the lifespan of the door, especially if you raise and lower the doors pretty often.

Need to Fix a Dent in Your Aluminum Storefront Door?

Dents happen. They’re a natural part of wear and tear. But they’re also bad for business. They make your store look run down, cheap, perhaps in a bad neighborhood. It’s not attractive.

Want to know how to fix most dents on your own, DIY style? If the dent is a manageable size, it’s pretty easy with this handy trick.

Start by washing the dented area with soapy water. It’s important to remove all dirt and grime for this to work. Next, dry the area down with a towel until it is bone dry.

Cover the dented area with tin foil. (The best approach is to unroll it and cut a measured piece you’ll sure will cover it.) You want enough to extend past the dent on all sides, use as much as necessary.

Heat the aluminum foil with a lighter so the entire surface is hot. Remove the foil with a smaller cool piece of foil. Take a can of air, hold it upside down and spray the dent. Holding the can upside down causes carbon dioxide to be released, the secret ingredient to this science trick.

The extreme cold of the carbon dioxide and the heat from the foil will cause the dent to pop back into place. Viola! You’ve just fixed your storefront door without needing to call a professional.

Great Exterior Business Doors Can Bring More Customers In

If you’re looking to drive more customers to your store, a new set of aluminum exterior business doors are a great option. Aluminum doors are an affordable option for businesses who want a durable yet attractive frontend door for their company. Aluminum works especially well for businesses who have a high amount of daily traffic thanks to their extreme toughness and reliability. If you’re not sure what option is best for your store, we also offer professional consultations. Just give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect new door for your business!

Have a Storefront Door Emergency?

It’s a frustrating feeling. You’re tired after a long day of working. Your trying to lock up and suddenly realize the garage door’s broken. Do you close it and try to make it look like it’s locked? You likely have at least hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory inside. And thieves are trained to spot busted storefront doors. It’s like leaving your wallet on a park bench. The opportunity is just too tempting. And after all, this is your livelihood we’re talking about.

Do you risk it or do you take care of the problem head on? Don’t worry. We’ve got you!

We feature 24/7 emergency storefront repair. We’ll be there right away. Call us anytime! We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in the Sacramento area protect their property. You’re in good hands!

Aluminum Storefront Doors: Repairs & New Installations

If you have a high-traffic shop or you’re just in need for a reliable set of doors for your business, then aluminum store doors are a great option. Aluminum doors are both durable and aesthetically pleasing for your customers. If you’re looking for a reliable door type for your business, aluminum is the way to go. Here at Sac’s Garage Door Repair Company, we provide commercial door installation for businesses across Sacramento.  We can also customize your days with additional options like security locks and more. Storeowners looking to repair or replace their doors should call 916-442-7243 to schedule a consultation now!