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Commercial Roll-Up Doors and Openers

Commercial roll up doors and operators

Roll up refers to a wide variety of commercial door types that roll in a track and when open rest either in a coil or flat against the ceiling. They’re great for when retaining both headroom and side room is critical in any business space. Roll up operators vary by the type of door they are intended for. Sac’s provides installation, parts, and top notch service for all major brands and styles of roll ups.


Sectional doors

Sectional doors are very similar in concept to a traditional residential garage door except on a much larger scale and considerably more durable. They consist of horizontal panels between 10” to 20” high that roll up in a track and lay parallel to the ceiling. If your application calls for it, they can contain windows and as many panels as needed to cover the height of your building.


Roll up doors

Roll ups are similar to sectionals but made of much smaller slats that roll into a vertical coil above the opening. They can provide much more headroom in a given space vs a sectional as they do not cover the same surface area. They also can have optional window slats if you need to see through the opening even when the door is closed.


Countertop roll up doors

Counter roll ups are a scaled down roll up intended to secure service counters windows for a wide variety of applications. They roll up into a cylinder above the counter window when not in use. When rolled down, they provide a rugged and impact resistant deterrent to theft.


Insulated doors

If you’re in a cold climate or need a more stable indoor climate, insulated panels can be used in almost all door types. This sandwiches a layer of R rated material in between the outer skin of the door panel to provide a thermal barrier. They can help save tremendously on HVAC costs and often pay for themselves in energy use reduction in a few years time.


Fire rated doors

Often required for security reasons, these doors have varying degrees of fire resistance and, in some cases, can prevent the spread and or damage from fire and heat from spreading in a building. When installing these types of doors, many counties require REG 4 testing. We can help provide this for you if it’s required.


One and two piece counterweight doors

Generally intended for smaller applications, a single piece counterweight door swings up towards the ceiling as a single unified panel with the help of a counterweight, removing the need for multiple panels and springs. Similar to a one piece, a two piece counterweight can work in slightly larger opening than the prior type. These doors are both incredibly long lasting when properly maintained as they have very few moving parts compared to many other styles.


High cycle doors

These doors are almost identical in construction to a standard sectional roll up. The key difference is that they are designed with the absolute highest quality materials to last years when operated in excess of 30x per day. If your operation depends on absolute dependability for its day to day function, we strongly recommend high cycles doors.


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