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Storefront doors

Aluminum and glass doors

By far the most common style of commercial door, we provide a wide array of sizes, styles, tints, and colors to match any of yours needs. We also carry safety glass doors which are made of a special laminated glass which stays in a single piece in the event of a break to reduce the risk of injury. Of course, we also provide a wide array or motor operators for ADA compliance.


Wood and hollow metal doors

These doors come in a massive variety of styles and can be matched to any architectural style or design specifications. Additionally, they can come with fire testing and certification if you need it.


Automatic Sliding doors

For high traffic entryways, sliding doors are often a must. We provide both standard two piece sliding doors as well as telescopic models that can save additional space. Our range of automatic openers can suite any need or demand.


Automatic Revolving doors

These doors can greatly improve foot traffic flow and prevent back ups when large crowds enter and exit a building. We provide a wide range of sizes and styles to match your building’s needs.


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Garage Door Service for Homes and Businesses in Sacramento

Here at Sac’s, we know how frustrating it is to wake up to a broken garage door in the morning. That’s why we offer quick service for garage door owners throughout the Sacramento area. Whether you’re dealing with a door that won’t open or you just want a brand-new garage door, we can help. We stand by our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, we’re an insured and bonded company – not just someone who calls themselves a garage door repairman! If you’re looking for high-quality and reliable service, give us a call today.