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Garage Door Repair & Installation Services

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In the Greater Sacramento area, including Rocklin, Citrus Heights and Folsom, SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all your garage door repair and replacement needs. Whether you need a new garage door expertly installed, a torsion spring replaced, or a seasonal inspection and tune up, we have you covered, either by appointment or on-call for urgent problems.

We’re always on call and our technicians are local, which means in any garage door emergency breakdown, we can offer you fast, friendly and effective service for garage door issues. And we do mean anything. SACS garage door installation and repair services include:

  • On-site consultations and free estimates
  • 24-hour emergency garage door repair
  • Routine garage door maintenance
  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Garage door opener installation, repair and replacement
  • Garage door opener programming
  • Roller tune-ups, repair and replacement
  • Track and rail installation, repair and replacement
  • Garage door dent repair and panel replacements
  • Keypad and remote repair and replacement
  • Garage door window/glass replacement
  • New garage door installation
  • SB969-compliant garage door openers with battery backups
  • Commercial/industrial overhead door installation and repair

And much more – If you don’t see your problem contact us anyways; we can likely help. There are many unique garage door problems that can occur and our experienced technicians have seen, and fixed, a lot of unusual issues. We love to solve puzzles and help homeowners get their day back on track!

We remove the stress of scheduling garage door service by providing FREE estimates. And all of our garage door work, including emergency service, is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians are prompt, professional, experienced, and fully-insured. 

Give us a call or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form to schedule a consultation, repair or get a diagnosis from an expert garage door technician.

24-Hour Emergency Repair Services for Urgent Issues

SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help residents and businesses in Sacramento with garage door emergencies, big and small, because problems don’t always occur during regular business hours. Whether your door rollers are off track or you’ve discovered a broken garage door spring, anything that prevents you from safely opening or closing your garage door is considered an emergency.

(So is accidentally locking yourself out of your garage, house, business, or car – and we can help with that, too.)

A broken garage door is more than a minor inconvenience; it can compromise your home’s security, cause a safety hazard, and prevent you from being able to leave your house in the event of an emergency. No matter the time of day or night, our experienced technicians will provide fast, friendly, high-quality work. And, our emergency services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

For emergency garage door and locksmith services, call us 24/7/365 at (916) 442-7243 (916-4-GARAGE).

Comprehensive Routine Garage Door Maintenance

SACS can handle all of your routine garage door maintenance needs. Seasonal inspections and tune ups are a smart, cost-effective way to keep your garage door in proper working order, prevent costly future repairs. Plus, consistently proper functioning will extend the life of the whole garage door system. The average garage door opens and closes more than a thousand times over the course of a year, so it is important to keep up with maintenance.

Routine maintenance activities would include inspecting all of the components associated with your garage door looking for wear and tear that could lead to problems. We’ll also perform remediation for any broken garage door parts we encounter, but never before consulting you first.

Give us a call or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form to schedule routine garage door maintenance.

If you’re interested in doing some simple and safe DIY garage door maintenance and repairs, check out tips on routine garage door maintenance on our blog.

Precision Garage Door Spring Replacement

Springs are one of the most important garage door components and also one of the most dangerous. Garage door torsion springs use torque to lift and lower the door. Torsion springs are the most common. Extension springs use tension to lift and lower the door along with the garage door opener. When either spring fails, they pose a danger to people and property.

Both types of garage door springs carry the weight of the door when it opens and closes. If your garage door springs are worn, weak, or rusty your door could slam to the ground, fail to open, or come off track. Weak springs can also put too much pressure on your garage door opener and cause it to fail.

Damaged or broken torsion or extension springs are very dangerous and replacing them is not a do-it-yourself garage door repair. Repairing torsion springs is best left to the professionals; you can rest assured it’s done safely and that the new garage door spring is tuned to a T.

Call us or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form if you have a problem with your garage door’s springs. Or call us 24/7/365 for emergency service; compromised springs are dangerous and an urgent issue.

Efficient Garage Door Opener Repairs

The garage door opener includes the head/motor, which is connected to the door by a rail. The rail has a belt or chain with a trolley that pulls the door open and pushes the door closed. Newer garage door openers no longer require keypads and remotes, but many homeowners still have models that do.

Common issues our customers encounter with their garage door openers include: humming but not moving, sagging chain or belt, opening intermittently, not staying closed, loud or unusual noises during the opening and closing process, and the remote failing to communicate with the garage door opener unit.

The “safety eyes” (aka electronic eyes) linked to your garage door opener and mounted on the tracks near the ground are also a component that can cause problems. When working properly, these sensors prevent the garage door from closing if a person, animal, or object is in its’ path. 

The eyes are always the first thing you should check if your garage door opener is acting erratically, especially if the door suddenly stops before closing and opens back up. The issue may be as simple as cleaning the eyes so they can transmit and receive signals clearly or making sure they are aligned.

Most garage door opener problems are a quick and simple fix, but there’s a caveat to trying to do it yourself: most warranties for automatic door openers have a condition in their warranties that voids the warranty if any amateur service is performed on the opener.

Call us or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form if you have a garage door opener problem or are considering upgrading to a smart garage door opener with a backup battery unit.

Expert Garage Door Roller & Track Repair

Garage door rollers are the small wheels that allow your door to run along its track when opening and closing. The right rollers will keep your garage door quiet and smooth. Tracks and rollers can be adjusted or replaced if they’re causing excess noise. However, a door off track could be an issue caused by faulty springs throwing things off balance or a bent/broken track. 

All the moving parts in a garage door’s infrastructure mean that sometimes an issue with one garage door part is actually caused by an issue with another part – another great reason to call in the pros to let you know what’s up with your malfunctioning garage door.

Give us a call or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form if you need help with a potential roller or track problem.

Fast Garage Door Dent Repair & Panel Replacements

Did you accidentally put a dent in one of the panels in your garage door? No problem! SACS repairs and replaces dented garage door sections and panels. We can get your door back to looking like new. In a lot of cases, fixing a panel is easier and less expensive than customers think. Have us come to you for a consultation and a free estimate for replacing your broken panel.

Call us or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form to schedule a door panel repair or replacement.

Service for Garage Door Opener Keypads, Remotes & Buttons

If the keypad mounted outside your garage, your remotes or the button mounted inside the garage are malfunctioning give us a call. It could be something as simple as a dead battery or as complex as a wiring problem or faulty equipment. We can diagnose the problem and repair or replace keypads, remotes and garage door opener buttons. Remember never to mess with your garage door opener yourself, lest you void your warranty.

Call us or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form if you are having keypad, remote or button problems.

Fine-Tuned Garage Door Window/Glass Replacement

Broken garage door window glass is a safety and security problem. It also makes your property look bad. We can repair broken garage door windows to secure your property and keep it looking great. Or if you’re looking to upgrade your garage door’s current windows, we can help you design the perfect window and then perform a seamless installation.

Give us a call or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form if you need garage door window glass replaced.

While We’re Repairing a Garage Door We Can Install a New Gate

Garage door installation and repairs may be our speciality, but we can also install, service or maintain your gates! We can even do custom installations for any gate design you may need. We can install both small residential gates and larger commercial barrier arm gates.


  • Sliding Gates
  • Swinging Gates
  • Electric Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Wood Gates
  • Chain Link Gates
  • Welded Gates
  • Iron Gates
  • Steel Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Automatic Barrier Arm Gates
  • Dumpster Enclosure Gates

We Can Also Upgrade Your Gate’s Hardware

Residential gates require regular maintenance and services but while we’re at it we can install new hardware for you. We can work with older or newer hardware without an issue. We carry parts and have access to distributors that can supply us with parts from most hardware groups.


  • Liftmaster Gate & Keypads
  • Doorking Gates & Keypads
  • Retrofit Older Gate Hardware for Automation
  • FM Gate Access Control
  • Gate Openers

The Best New Garage Door Installation in Sacramento

If you are looking to replace the overhead door at your home or business, we can help. Our insured and experienced technicians are garage door installation experts. We can help you figure out which door to buy, help you customize it to your exact design and specification preferences, and then get it properly installed with minimal interruption to your day as possible. 

Installing a new garage door can improve the curb appeal of your home, improve security and improve energy efficiency. In fact, replacing your garage door is the smartest home improvement decision you can make. As of last year, the ROI of installing a new garage door on a home was %102.


You can also call us or submit the Get A Quick Estimate form for help selecting a door and scheduling the install.

SB969-Compliant Garage Door Openers with Battery Backup

Since 2019, all new garage door and garage door opener installations must include a battery backup for power outage emergencies. Backup power units for garage door openers offer 24-hours’ worth of garage door use and only need to be replaced every 1-2 years. 

Learn more about garage door opener battery backups.

The Best Garage Door Installation & Repair Services in Greater Sacramento

SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR employs a team of dedicated on-staff technicians who are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help you solve any garage door problem. We only hire the best in-house technicians who will solve your specific problem and look for any other unseen issues that might be present.

All our technicians are fully insured and our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re always available for emergency calls 24/7. We provide general consultations and free estimates. With SACS, there are NO SURPRISES!

Garage door problems often seem complex and expensive to the untrained eye, but sometimes a simple fix may be all that is necessary. Don’t put off a repair and you risk compounding problems, increasing costs and maybe even having to replace your entire garage door.

Need your garage door repaired or replaced? Submit a Quick Estimate form to get an idea of cost – we’re always happy to help!

Get A Free Estimate For Garage Door Service

Repairing Garage Door Springs

Does your garage door have a broken spring? Garage door spring repair is part of what we do every day here at Sacs Garage Door Repair. We have solutions to offer for all of your garage door issues and we will be happy to come out to your home or business to assess the damage and provide you with a quote. Don’t waste any more time stressing about a non-functioning or malfunctioning garage door when help is just a phone call away! We will respond to your call within a couple of hours to get your repair scheduled right away.