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Cut Down on Garage Door Repairs with Regular Maintenance

Two Fam HouseWhen it comes to garage door repair tips, regular professional maintenance usually tops the list. Considering the average garage door goes up and down literally thousands of times every year, it’s easy to understand how parts can wear out. All roller brackets and bolts should be tightened with a socket wrench at least once a year. Garage doors can also become unbalanced, causing the opener to work harder and not last as long. This can be tested by disconnecting the release handle (usually the red cord), and manually positioning the door halfway up. If it doesn’t stay up, you’ve got a balancing problem.

You really should have a professional check the rollers at least twice a year, and replace them about every 7 years, depending on use. All moving parts should be regularly lubricated- a 10 minute job that will add years to your garage door. Regular maintenance can minimize expensive garage door repairs and will help your garage door last longer.

How Are Your Springs/Cables?

Though anything involving springs or cables is definitely not a DIY garage door repair, you can and should visually inspect them yourself every few months. Shine a flashlight and look for any rust, brittle or damaged areas, any fraying or other cause of concern. Do not touch the springs or cables themselves, especially if you notice excessive wear and tear.

Both springs can cables are under an incredible amount of tension. It’s this very tension that makes raising and lowering a several hundred pound door so easy to lift. But if the cables or springs should suddenly snap, they can cause serious bodily injury, even death. Always call a professional garage door repair company if you see anything that concerns you.

Garage Doors: A 500 Pound Safety Hazard in Your Home

Neglected garage doors can be serious safety hazards. They are often used several times per day and weigh hundreds of pounds. Contact the professionals at Sac’s Garage Door Repair to schedule an inspection. We provide local repair and inspection service to the Roseville and greater Sacramento areas.

Ready To Replace Your Garage Doors? We Can Help

Replacing an aging overhead door on your garage is a great idea for many reasons. Old doors not only pose a safety hazard, but they can look downright unattractive. The result? Reduced curb appeal and a lower home value. Certainly not something you’d want as a homeowner, especially if you’re selling your home or planning to in the near future. With replacement, you no longer have to worry about the doors injuring someone or affecting your sale. At Sac’s, we have years of experience replacing doors. Give us a ring for a free quote and we’ll let you know how we can help replace yours.