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Noisy Garage Door? Here’s Why & How to Fix It


Every time you go to open it, you know it’s coming: Your garage door is like a high school heavy metal band that’s so out of tune. You’re driving the neighbors crazy. The hair on your arms stands up. Even your cat can’t take it

4 Tips to Having the Best Garage Door in the Neighborhood


The garage door is the largest front facing feature on your house. Why not have the best garage door in the neighborhood? Not only will it make your neighbors jealous, but your house will literally be worth more. In fact, your garage door is probably

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Prevent a Rusty Garage Door


The beauty and condition of your garage door is a big reflection not only of your home’s appeal but it’s actual worth. Curb appeal has a huge impact on home appraisal, and the garage door plays a big role. Moreover, your garage door is a

Factors to Consider When Researching New Insulated Garage Doors


If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you naturally want it to look good. After all, as the largest front facing feature on your home, the door pretty much sets the stage when it comes to curb appeal. And that can have

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Protect Your Garage from Flooding


Winter and spring rains can get pretty intense in Sacramento California — and that can lead to substantial flooding problems. This can result in serious mold outbreaks — as well as damage to floors and walls. It can also cause a wooden garage door to

Tips to Preventing Critters from Infesting Your Garage


Is your garage a cockroach AirBNB? Maybe — and those disgusting little pests don’t even need to sign a contract. Your garage is a warm and inviting place. That makes it susceptible to an infestation by all sorts of creatures — snakes, mice or rats,

Businesses that Use Overhead Doors

It’s not only warehouses and autobody shops that stand to benefit from a versatile overhead commercial garage door. Many restaurants are installing them because they can be opened up on sunny days so guests can enjoy the beautiful weather. Fire departments naturally use them. For fire departments, the durability and versatility of the garage doors must be top rate. Car dealerships also use them to provide security while still allowing access for the cars. Office and apartment buildings use them to provide parking for their tenants. An overhead door is perfect for nearly any business that can benefit from a large door. There are numerous options available when it comes to style and design, depending on your needs and space constraints.