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How to Convert a Dirty Garage into the Office Space of Your Dreams


Work from home or just need some extra office space for bills and organization? Your garage may be the perfect solution. Okay, it may take a little imaginative vision — especially if your garage is currently packed to the roof with boxes and tools and

Got Questions About Garage Door Openers? We’ve Got Answers


Most people don’t know much about their garage door openers, but if you own a garage — chances are you own an opener too. And since openers need replaced a lot more often than garage doors, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in the

The Advantages of Steel Garage Door Installations — Why It Just Might Be the Best


When deciding on the right garage door to install, there are numerous materials to choose from: wooden, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. And while steel might not have the natural appeal of wood or the lightness of aluminum, it has many advantages that often get overlooked.

Why You Should Invest Your Tax Return on New Garage Door Installation


Tax returns are starting to come back. And while it may be tempting to put that check towards a family vacation, new clothes, digital devices, or a speedboat — those aren’t the smartest investments. A new garage door, on the other hand, is just that

4 Things You Can Do to Fix a Noisy Garage Door


Does your garage door wake up the neighbors? There are many reasons why your door is so noisy — rusty parts, an old chain, perhaps it’s out of alignment. The good news is the problem is often very simple to fix. A little oil and

4 Repairs to Extend Lifetime of Your Garage Door


How many times do you open and close your garage door in a day? The average American uses their door 3 to 4 times everyday, which is close to 1,000 times a year. It adds up fast. Garage doors wear out overtime. Most doors have

Tips to Repairing a Broken Garage Door

The cost to repair a garage door when it’s broken can vary widely. It depends on what’s wrong with it and how serious it is. In some cases, you’ll be able to fix it yourself. If it involves anything to do with the springs, however, you really should call a garage door professional. These springs are under incredible tension and can cause serious bodily injury and even death if they should snap. If the repair seems beyond your tool set or expertise, you should also call a professional. It’s not worth the safety risk or damaging your door. Most garage door companies offer 24/7 emergency repair service so you should be able to repair it as quickly as possible. You depend on your garage door for safety, security and convenience. Get it fixed today so your life is back on track.