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Selling Your Home? 6 Upgrades You Should Consider


Selling a home? It’s a lot of work, but all that effort can really pay off in the end. All those improvements you’ve been planning become critical on your to-do list. Rather than making them somebody else’s problem, dealing with these issues can substantially improve

5 Reasons Installing a New Garage Door Opener Makes Life Better


How old is your garage door opener? If you have to think about it, chances are you’re due for a new one. Any garage door opener older than 6 years could likely stand for a substantial upgrade. Here are 5 reasons why installing a new

Garage Door Won’t Open? The Most Common Reasons Why


Usually, garage doors work so beautifully we tend to take them for granted — like water out of the faucet. You push a button and a several hundred pound door goes up and down, granting instant access to your garage at a whim. A garage

Forget to Close the Garage Door? Smart Garage Doors Have You Covered!


Modern life’s a blur, especially if you’ve got kids, a job, piles of laundry and responsibilities. We’re constantly running out the door both literally and figuratively. And when it’s early in the morning before that first cup of coffee has kicked in? It’s understandable if

3 Popular Styles for Overhead Commercial Garage Doors


Thinking of installing a commercial garage door? Your first question should be what is its primary function? Is this a door for people to enjoy your restaurant, coffee shop or brewery, or is it meant for vehicles or deliveries? Is it a storefront door or

5 Surprising Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair


We live in the Golden Age of DIY. Thanks to the Internet, there is an endless supply of instructional blogs, videos, and how-to guides that show you how to do just about anything yourself. Yet like haircuts, some garage door repairs you can technically do

How to Choose a Reliable Garage Door Service

Garage doors are great when they work right. When they don’t, it feels like your whole world grinds to a halt — literally. Do you have a trusted repair service you can rely on when your garage door has issues? It’s important because we use our garage doors every day. Eventually, they are going to have problems — it’s inevitable. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors who own their own homes. They probably have some experience dealing with garage door repair. Who do they trust in Sacramento to do a reliable job? Make sure any company you work with only hires trained and certified mechanics. They should be insured and fully guarantee their work. And check to see if they offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair service. Garage doors rarely break at convenient times. When something goes wrong, you need somebody on the job pronto!