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Garage Door Safety 101: Tips to Fireproof Your Garage


A home garage is convenience, livelihood, and recreation all rolled into one. It provides a secure place to store your car out of the weather and the prowling eyes of neighborhood thieves. A garage is also a great place to service your car — do

4 Reasons Why Installing a New Garage Door is a Genius Idea


Garage doors are like a well loved pair of pants. You usually don’t notice it’s time to replace them until it’s too late. Suddenly the same door that looked great last year is beat up, run down, and overdue for a new one. What are

How to Troubleshoot & Repair a Garage Photo Eye


Most people think the most common garage door repair problems are related to the door itself. Is it off balance? Does it need a new chain? Are the cables worn out? And certainly our garage door technicians are sent on a good number of these

Tight on Overhead Space? 3 Alternative Approaches to Garage Door Opener Installation


When installing a new garage door opener for new or existing garage doors, space is always a concern. There needs to be ample room to allow for the opener cartridge itself, as well as the door. Here’s a brief guide to determine how much headroom

Don’t Buy an Automatic Security Gate Without Reading This First!


Sacramento may be a beautiful place to live, but it’s a land of opportunity for car thieves. Automated security gates are a valuable safety asset that protects not only your cars and personal possessions, but the very lives of your family. They provide a critical

Which Garage Door Opener is Best for You?


Garage door openers can vary widely when it comes to design and power. When installing a new garage door opener, it’s important to understand how each design works so you know which is best for you. You’ll also need to know how powerful of a

4 Types of Commercial Door Installations

There are 4 basic types of doors ideal for commercial installation. Probably the most popular door, overhead doors are lifted via a track or rail to a horizontal position with the ceiling. They come in a variety of materials, including glass and aluminum to wood or metal. Most are sectional and connected with hinges. Roll up doors roll up in to a single coil. They are thinner than an overhead door, but are extremely flexible and can roll up with ease. They are ideal when there is no room to accommodate rails necessary for an overhead door. Fire rated doors are a good idea especially in the Sacramento area due to the prevalence of wildfires in the face of climate change. Scissor gates move from left to right and can be constructed of highly impenetrable materials. They work best as reinforcement to a traditional commercial door.