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Garage Door Safety 101: What to Teach Your Kids


Your garage door is not only the biggest door to your home. It also tends to be the most used, especially by kids. And parents tend to encourage this. Why risk losing a set of keys when kids can just memorize the keypad code to

Why You Should Cover Your Garage Door in Aluminum


Want to make life easier, have a more beautiful garage door and be better protected against the elements? Consider covering your garage door in an aluminum exterior. It’s an affordable way to simplify the upkeep of your door, make it last longer, keep it looking

Love the Look of Wood But Hate the Work? Consider a Composite Garage Door Alternative


Unless you do garage door repair professionally, you probably don’t know a lot about garage doors. And that’s okay. Most people only buy one or two garage doors their entire lives. But when you are in the market, you tend to read everything you can

What Are You Looking for in a New Garage Door?


We’re not psychics. We’re a garage door maintenance company. We can’t tell your fortune, interpret your aura, or read your palm like a Rand McNally map. And still we can say with reasonable confidence that installing a new garage door carries one of the best

Survey: The Built In Buying Power of New Garage Door Installation


You really can judge a home by its cover. Appearance can tell you a lot about a property, not the least of which is how much care was invested in its maintenance and upkeep. So it’s really no surprise to learn how much emphasis realtors

DIY Garage Door Repair: How to Remove Unwanted Hardware from Garage Door Surface


Did you install a lot of carriage hardware to your garage door? This can have a quaint, authentic appeal for some, giving the door an antique feel. But as time wears on, that carriage hardware can get a rusty rundown look that can sometimes make