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4 Garage Door Problems & Easy Ways to Repair Them


Roughly 99 times out of 100, a garage door works like a charm — it’s safe, opens automatically, and adds charm and beauty to the appearance of your home. But occasionally there can be a real problem that needs repaired — especially if regular maintenance

4 Qualities of Superior Commercial Garage Doors


Installing a new garage door is a great investment — in fact it’s one of the best improvements you can make in your home in terms of ROI — 98%, nearly dollar for dollar. But not all garage doors are the same — they can

Ready to Upgrade Your Garage Door? 5 Great Ideas


Garage door technology has come a long way — just in the last few years. It’s amazing what these doors are capable of with smart technology. And of course there are lots of ways to improve your garage door beyond fancy tech — adding in

Garage Door Opens on Its Own? How to Fix This Bizarre Phenomenon


It’s a rather scary and downright bizarre phenomenon — your garage door spontaneously opens on its own, no prompting from you, perhaps even when you are not at home or in the middle of the night when you’re fast asleep. It’s understandable to be a

Need to Reprogram a Genie Garage Door Opener? Our How-to Garage Door Repair Guide


If you own a Genie garage door opener, reprogramming it shouldn’t require hocus pocus magic or 3 special wishes. While it can be easier said than done, there’s a process to follow. In this DIY garage door opener repair guide, we break down how to

How Fireproof is Your Garage? A 5 Question Checklist


A garage in your home means having accessible convenience — for cars, storage, parties or even exercise space. Ultimately, what you do with it is up to you. But here’s a startling statistic most people don’t know: 93% of all residential building fires start in

If Door Off Track, Don’t Use It!

Did your door come off track? Stop using it immediately! You may be tempted to force it open just so you can get to work on time, but you could end up causing hundreds of dollars in damage to your door or track. In most cases, this is a fairly easy and inexpensive repair. You may even be able to repair it yourself. But if you damage your door or seriously damage the tracks, it can become exorbitantly expensive. Do yourself a favor and call an Uber. The $10 to $20 it will cost (even at peak times) is pennies compared to the $200 in damages you could do to your door. Fortunately, Sac’s Garage Door Repair offers emergency garage door repair to the Sacramento area, 24/7. We’ll have your door repaired in no time.