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Thinking about a New Garage Door? 5 Signs It’s Time


An attractive and well working garage door is important. It’s one of the biggest factors in determining the value of your home. It’s also important for peace of mind, convenience, and that cozy contented feeling of owning a beautiful home. And most homeowners replace their

3 Projects to Optimize Property Value When House Flipping


House flipping is definitely a profitable venture in Sacramento, California. Buy a house that needs a little fixer upper handiwork and you can resell it for lucrative cash. Many of our regular customers do just that. They invest in real estate that needs a little

4 Garage Door Safety Tips for Pets


Our pets are like members of our family — only cuter and furrier! Many people leave them in the garage while they are away. If you use your garage as a convenient doggie day care, wouldn’t you love to know if they are safe and

The Convenience & Safety of Smart Homes & Garage Doors


Lights are a sign of life — an indication someone’s home, living life in their cozy sanctuary of an obode. The beautiful thing about smart technology for overhead garage doors and your home is you can turn on your lights, even when you’re not home.

Smart Garage Door Openers: How Technology Safeguards Your Home & Family


Life’s a blur. So many mornings, we’re racing out the door, clinging to car keys and coffee for dear life. Add to that the grog of sleeplessness, and it’s understandable if you forget to close your garage door on your way out the driveway. Understandable

3 Types of Garage Door Materials


If you are considering installing a new garage door, the first decision you need to make is what material to use. Essentially, there are 3 basic garage door materials: steel, aluminum, and wood. This guide will walk you through how to find the right garage

How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

How much does it cost to install a new garage door? That obviously depends on a number of factors such as quality, installation, and garage door material, but the average cost of installation is about $1,000, though it can run anywhere from $700 to $1,500. A simple single door at its most basic level may cost only $200, though you can pay up to $4,000 for a quality double or triple door set. The good news is that it’s probably some of the best money you can spend on a home. A new garage door has one of the highest returns on investments for all home improvements, 99%, virtually dollar for dollar. And naturally the more expensive high quality door you can afford, the better worth you get for your investment. Consider it an investment in equity.