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Broken Garage Door Springs: Save Yourself Time and Risk by Calling a Professional

Your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds, but is easy to lift on your own or via remote. Or at least it should be. If your garage door suddenly becomes too difficult to lift, chances are you’ve got a broken spring. And while we often advocate DIY garage door repair for simple fixes, this is not the case for broken garage door springs. 

Garage door springs – both torsion and extension – are under an incredible amount of tension and can cause serious bodily injury if they should snap. Repairing and replacing the springs on your garage door is always a job best left to a professional in exterior doors. They have the tools and the experience to repair your springs safely and correctly.

Garage Door Springs: Torsion vs Extension

In general, there are two types of springs for garage doors – torsion and extension.

Torsion Springs

Your garage door likely has a torsion spring, as they’re industry standard for their low profile, long life, and powerful torque. Torsion springs are the long cylindrical springs that runs across the front wall of your garage and are attached to the metal shaft at the top of the garage door. Torsion springs use torque to lift and lower the garage door. If the spring is broken, you’ll find it in 2 separate pieces, and your garage door won’t work at all. 

If your torsion spring is rusty or just doesn’t seem right, it’s better to call us for a consultation before deciding to ignore it and keep using your door. A clear sign you need spring repair service ASAP is a visible break in the spring, but you can see this coming – if you see any visible deformation in the spring, call SACS to get it replaced before it fully breaks.

And don’t think just because you identified a weak spot before the spring broke makes it safe for you to replace a torsion spring yourself. Replacing and winding a torsion spring without the right skill, tools or expertise can result in some pretty nasty, finger-missing injuries.

Extension Springs

Some garage doors have extension springs. These are long springs at either side of the door that use tension to help the garage door opener lift and lower the door. Extension springs will start to look stretched and deformed if they’re worn out. The first time you spot a deformity in the coil of your extension springs, stop using your garage door and call in the pros for an emergency repair.

Extension springs are also more susceptible to rust and corrosion because they’re not sat at a safe and protected space the way torsion springs are. If you leave an extension spring to rust, you’re in for an imminent break. And unlike torsion springs, which basically break in place, when an extension spring snaps, it can go anywhere, hurting any people, pets or property within its reach. Another reason to leave a messed up spring alone and call for an emergency garage door repair technician.

The Cost of Replacing Broken Springs on a Garage Door

Removing a broken garage door spring and installing a new one is not a job we’d recommend to anybody who’s not a professional. While doing it yourself might save you some money, there’s some serious risk to body parts involved in this job, not to mention it’s a complete pain in the neck. In terms of this garage door repair cost, you can have a professional do the job for anywhere from $125 to $225, depending on if you need one or both springs replaced.

A deformed, corroded or snapped garage door spring of any kind is a danger to you, your things, and your garage door. Continuing to use your garage door when a spring is compromised is asking for new, more expensive problems including, eventually, a completely ruined garage door. 

Call SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week. We always have local technicians on call for garage door repair emergencies like broken springs. We offer local garage door service to the Citrus Heights and greater Sacramento area, including Rocklin and Folsom. All of our work is 100% guaranteed, and all our technicians are fully-insured.

Costs for Other Typical Garage Door Repairs

Prices will vary for every type of garage door repair, but here are the general ranges for the common garage door problems we help our customers with every day: 

  • A general inspection and annual maintenance call on your garage door will run between $150 and $350. This usually includes a manual inspection of the garage door and its opener. Your service technician will correct spring tension, chain/belt tension, and cable loosening. They’ll clean and lubricate relevant components of your garage door like rollers, chains and hinges.
  • Fixing a broken garage door track can run about $130 to $150, or even several hundred dollars, depending on the damage to your track and door. The escalating cost issue is why we always encourage people to stop using their door as soon as it comes off track. A simple, minor repair can become several hundred in damage if you continue to use it and further damage your overhead door.
  • Broken garage door spring replacements can cost around $300. It’s a very labor-intensive job that can take several hours to complete, which is why it can cost more. Still, $300 is nothing compared to the cost of a new garage door.
  • Cables and chains, likewise, don’t cost much when it comes to garage door parts, but the installation takes a while. You can spend between $150 and $200 for labor.
  • It will cost you about $100 to replace a circuit board and reprogram a remote.

Some of these issues – like if your garage door is off track but the tracks themselves aren’t broken – you can safely do the repair yourself. However, if you aren’t confident performing a garage door repair, especially major repairs, you probably should call a professional garage door service company. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle, and you’ll avoid damaging the door. 

Qualified Garage Door Repair for the Greater Sacramento Area

In the age of the internet, it’s difficult to find a qualified garage door service that is truly committed to the local area. But we’ve been here for decades now; we live and work in your neighborhoods and we’re invested in our communities. As far as reputable work by certified and experienced garage door techs goes, SACS is the place to find just that.

All of our work is certified and guaranteed, and every one of our exterior door install and repair techs are bonded and insured. We view our clients as family, as neighbors. We serve our local communities with affordable and skilled garage door installation, maintenance and repair services.

Getting Started With Garage Door Repair DIY

Are you looking to troubleshoot your garage door by yourself? If so, reading this could save you a lot of time and headaches. It’s not always as easy as following a repair guide or online manual. Garage doors are full of complicated mechanical parts and an extremely heavy door that could crush the roof of a car. Not only do mistakes cost money, but they could cost you your life or limbs. Not to mention a potentially voided warranty. Don’t take chances on your own. Our certified professional technicians provide a 100% guarantee repair so you can spend less time worrying about the garage.