Reasonably-priced garage door repair and installation in Sacramento
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New Garage Door Installation – Design Your Door

Looking for a new garage door? Design one completely customized to your design and specifications. SACS’ garage door installation technicians can get your new door up and running quickly anywhere in the Greater Sacramento area. We install all the major garage door brands at a price that will fit within your budget. 

There’s a lot more you can do with a garage door design than traditional sectional panels in white or beige. The right garage door design will get you a virtually 1:1 return on investment with regard to your home’s value; it’ll up your home’s curb appeal as well as its security; and it will make your life more convenient.

Design Your New Garage Door

Two important things to consider when designing your perfect garage door are the climate of where you live and the features you would like the door to have. For instance, fiberglass is a great garage door material choice for humid climates like ours. As well, nylon rollers stand up to weather changes and moisture better than metal ones. And insulating your new garage door can increase your home’s energy efficiency. The right garage door design goes beyond picking the size, color and door hardware, which is why we let you design one exactly the way you want it.

Check out our design simulator below and start playing around with ideas for your new custom garage door. Give us a call for any time for guidance, or to have one of our technicians come to your home or business to help you decide face-to-face what will be best for your unique garage door installation requirements.

Service We Offer for New Garage Doors:

  • Custom garage door consultation and design
  • Garage door frame retrofit for new garage doors
  • Carriage house (“barn house style”) garage door installation
  • Sectional garage door installation and panel replacement
  • High-lift and rollup overhead door installation and replacement
  • Chain drive garage door opener installation
  • Belt drive garage door opener installation
  • Screw drive garage door opener installation
  • New garage door security tech, such as “smart” technology

At SACS, our technicians stay up on all the latest trends in garage door design and technology. Carriage house styles, modern styles, aluminum and glass full-view doors, mid-century modern overhead doors, and more. We can make your new garage door as unique as your home; let us help you up your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency and security.

Return on investment for a new garage door is nearly dollar for dollar, so it is a solid investment in your home.

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

The short answer is, probably a lot less than you’d think! The thing about garage door repairs is that, the more regular maintenance you do yourself or have done by a pro, the less the cost of garage door repairs. Because these doors are heavy and have so many moving parts, not to mention the opener, if one or two little parts are left bent, rusted or broken, they’ll cause much bigger problems over time, and that means way more expensive repairs down the line, when you could have just dealt with the little problems ahead of time.