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DIY Repair Tips for a Garage Door that’s Off Track

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Has your garage door come off its tracks? This issue is one that’s obvious to the eye. Maybe it was a messed-up roller or a loose track, but you can see the door clearly isn’t sitting correctly in one of the rails. It will look crooked, and will probably make an unholy sound when you try to use the garage door opener.

The first thing to know is that when your garage door comes off track, it’s important to stop using it immediately. Continuing to open and close your door can cause expensive damage to both the track and the door. This usually is a fairly inexpensive repair, as it’s a common issue. There’s a lot going on with your garage door – things go awry every so often.

But if you need to replace the track or repair panels on the door because you kept using it after you saw the door had come off track, this can become hundreds of dollars in unnecessary damages. Sometimes, getting an overhead door back on its tracks and balanced will require a professional garage door repair company. Other times, you may be able to fix the problem yourself.

A Quick Repair Guide for Fixing Garage Door Tracks

To recap, once you see your door is off track, stop operating it immediately. Then, grab some locking pliers, a ladder and a mallet. Here we go:

  • Separate the opener from the door. Pull on the rope hanging from the center of the door opening track to release the door.
  • Raise the door high enough that you can get the separated area back into the track. Clamp a pair of locking pliers just below the bottom to keep the door in place. Set a ladder under the middle of the door for extra safety.
  • Open the separated track with a pair of pliers and guide the rollers back onto the track.
  • Hammer the track back into place with a wooden or rubber mallet.
  • Remove the locking pliers and the ladder and use the garage door opener to close the door. As it closes, it will catch back onto the door, snapping the release mechanism back into position.
  • Open and close the door several times. Watch the rollers on both sides for any signs of difficulty. If the rollers drag or catch on something, the door is still off track.

Often, this fixes the issue. But if you’re still having problems like noise, rubbing, jerky movements, etc., the issue is a bit more complicated, and it’s time to give us a call. Don’t worry! We’re available 24/7 for these inconvenient situations.

Why We Offer 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

If you cannot get it back on track yourself, call us immediately. This kind of predicament is why we offer 24/7 emergency garage door services. We’ve got your back. We’ll come immediately to fix it, day or night, even on Christmas morning.

If you need your garage door back on track, rebalanced and in working order ASAP, call us. And then call an Uber. It’s not worth the cost or damage to your garage door to try to get your car out of the garage.

Our emergency repair services include residential garage doors, commercial doors and door glass, as well as commercial and industrial garage doors. Locked yourself out of your car? We can help with that, too.

Local Service with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any kind of damage has been done to your garage door, whether it’s an issue with the door trolley, springs, cables or panels, contact SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR for unmatched service. We offer local garage door maintenance, repair and installation to the Rancho Cordova and Greater Sacramento areas. All our technicians are license and insured, and our services always come with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranty.

Estimating Garage Door Repair Cost in 2016

At Sac’s, we understand you may have a certain budget in mind when it comes to fixing your garage door. We offer free price estimates for garage door service  in the Sacramento area. Call us any time of the day and we’ll help you figure out the cost for getting your door working again. Most minor repairs cost less than $200. The most expensive repair would involve replacing the garage door, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the parts and labor involved. However, sometimes it’s possible to repair the door instead. Before pulling the trigger on new garage doors, talk with our technicians and we’ll help determine if repair is possible.