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Fortifying Your Overhead Garage Door for Hurricane Season

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If you are installing an overhead commercial door, weather is a big factor to consider. Winter rains in Sacramento can be pretty intense, especially as climate change makes extreme weather events a common occurrence. And when it comes to wind damage, garage doors take the brunt. It’s important to invest in a door that can take all the weather California will throw at you. Hurricane resistant garage doors are important to any California business.

Due to their sheer size, garage doors are especially susceptible to wind damage. If you live near the ocean, consider installing additional bracing, heavier track gauging and extra hardware. A Sacramento overhead door may not have the same requirements as one in coastal Florida. Failure to properly secure your panel could lead to you having to pay for garage door dent repair or worse – a new door entirely.

In high weather areas, be sure to have your garage door spring professionally inspected on a regular basis — at least once a year, depending on how often you use the garage door Make sure a professional a look. Considering the incredible tension they are under, springs are a serious safety risk and can cause serious harm and even death if accidentally released.

Preparing Your Door for California Wildfires

Sadly, wildfires are the new normal for California thanks to climate change. And while it’s difficult to install a garage door fortified for the kind of heat these fires give (most garage doors melted down to nothing), you can install a steel garage door that at least won’t exacerbate fire situations.

But installing battery backup on your opener is super critical (and legally required for all new garage doors in California this summer). California recently passed a law mandating battery backup. The bill was spurred by a congressman who had difficulty evacuating his home during a wildfire because the fire had gone out. Whether you have a new door or not, battery backup is essential to safety in California. It’s also much more convenient. Now you won’t be stuck inside during the next electrical storm.

100% Guaranteed Service

Regular inspection is also a good idea, especially if you live in an area with high winds. Contact Sac’s Garage Door Repair today to schedule an inspection. Serving the Rocklin and Greater Sacramento areas, all our work is guaranteed 100%. Give us a call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or book an appointment online. We’ll be happy to help. Our technicians are certified and professional.

Old Overhead Garage Door? Consider Installing a New Model

Older garage doors can be a serious safety risk during hurricane season. Even if it is in relatively good repair, you might consider installing a newer garage door. Modern garage doors are made of stronger materials and designed to stand up to intense hurricanes, especially as climate change becomes more of an everyday reality. Avoid cheap, thin models. Instead, go for a steel garage that offers better insulation.

Talk to your local professional garage door service company and see what they suggest when it comes to installing a garage door better equipped for hurricanes. Considering how much of your home the garage door protects, the investment really pays for itself. In an extreme storm, your garage door needs to stand up not only to the storm itself, but also any potential looting that may follow.

How to Repair Your Garage Door Bottom Seal

If you haven’t repaired your garage door bottom seal in awhile, you can replace it yourself for about $50. It’s a simple garage door repair that can be done in a few hours in an afternoon. The bottom seal helps keep out rain and debris and is essential during heavy rains and hurricanes.

Start by removing the old seal. You’ll want to measure the new seal according to the width, height, and thickness of your garage door. In addition to a new garage door seal, you’ll also want to buy V-strip weather stripping, a tube of exterior caulk and, if you have a wooden door, a small can of wood sealer.

You may have a garage that has a metal track with a replaceable rubber seal. If you do, replace this with a cold weather” silicone-type seal. Its flexible design helps it to last longer during cold weather.

Remove the old seal by sliding out the rubber. You might need to open the track ends with a flathead screwdriver. Cut the new seal with a knife and slide it back against the door. This may take a little elbow grease. Once it’s in place, remove the excess trim and thank yourself for a job well done. Replacing the bottom seal is one of the easiest garage door repairs you can do, but it is absolutely essential during the rainy season.

Need an Emergency Garage Door Repair?

If your garage door is damaged in a storm, we can service it immediately. After a serious weather event, security should be one of your highest priorities. You need to protect your home and family from potential looters. Most importantly, you need to get back to normal living.

At Sac’s Garage Door Repair, we respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer emergency garage door service for the Sacramento area. We are certified and experienced at all forms of garage door repair, from garage door installation to opener repair to garage door springs and inspection.

The quality of our work is guaranteed. Specializing in storefront repair, Sacs Garage Door Repair has served hundreds of homes and businesses over the years. We also specialize in storefront repair.

Understanding How To Repair Garage Door Spring

Springs serve as a counterbalance to garage doors that weigh hundreds of pounds. They allow you to operate the door with little effort. As with any hardware that’s under this amount of wear and tear, failure is inevitable. There are two types of springs used in garages: extension and torsion, with the latter being more dangerous. When working on either type of spring, it’s important to understand that they’re under significant tension and loss of life or limb can occur. It is for that reason we encourage you to seek professional help when it comes to fixing broken garage springs. Our licensed technicians are available 24/7 to service your springs in a safe and affordable manner.