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Install Commercial Aluminum Doors for Your Business

Aluminum storefront doors are a great option for businesses who want a visually pleasing but durable and secure entrance that is resistant to weather damage. First impressions count, and with a commercial aluminum door, you’re sure to present a great one. 

Your storefront doors are the face of your business – how passersby decide whether or not your store is worth visiting for the goods or service you offer. So keeping your storefront doors attractive and up-and-running is a financial investment in the success of your business, not just in the building. Full-view aluminum and glass entry doors are popular among commercial businesses of all kinds, and with good reason. Aluminum storefront doors are the best of all worlds.

As exterior door installers, we install, maintain and repair commercial and residential doors of all kinds. Our commercial door options include low-traffic doors, high-traffic doors, aluminum storefront doors, glass entry doors, loading dock doors, and more. You’ll also have the option to customize your new commercial door with various accessories and security features. Overwhelmed? Don’t be! Call us to schedule a consultation, and we’ll help you choose the best option for your company.

Advantages of Aluminum Commercial Door Installations for Businesses

The beauty of aluminum is it’s light, attractive, customizable, and low-maintenance. What’s more, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, so choosing to install glass entry doors with aluminum framing is also an eco-friendly choice. It is easy to understand why these storefront doors are so popular with businesses. What grocery store, department store or urgent care center doesn’t have a double sliding aluminum and glass door setup? 

What’s become popular recently, in both residential and commercial settings, are overhead garage-style doors made of aluminum-framed glass panes. Aluminum glass sectional overhead doors have a sleek and modern appeal. They are great for restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops because they are so easy to open and close. This way you can let in the natural air on beautiful days, but still have plenty of enclosure when the weather’s bad. They also let in a lot of natural light, and make the interior of a business feel brighter and more open.

Aluminum storefront and overhead doors are also very lightweight. This is great if you open and close the door pretty often because you’ll have less wear and tear. The lighter doors tend to last longer. Another thing to keep in mind as a commercial entity are ADA regulations. Aluminum storefront doors are virtually always automated, whether motorized sliding or with an overhead door opener, which means you never have to worry about push force. Your automatic door openers don’t have to work hard, and your customers don’t have to do anything at all!

You can also install an aluminum garage door with insulation. This is a great option for restaurants, breweries, coffee shops that want to keep their guests comfortable, even in the cold and rainy months. Paired with UV and strength-treated glass, insulated aluminum storefront doors can increase your building’s energy efficiency and keep everyone inside comfortable no matter what’s going on outside.

New Advancements in Aluminum Technology

The good news is the technology behind aluminum garage doors has really come a long way over the last few years. The aluminum industry at-large is constantly researching and improving production and glazing techniques for aluminum. As far as doors and windows, businesses and homeowners are moving away from vinyl and PVC materials to aluminum for their door and window framing. 

New technology has improved the dent-resistance of modern aluminum garage doors, as well as corrosion resistance and structural strength. The auto industry, too, is invested in turning to souped-up aluminum as the material for car bodies and doors as we move forward, for its ability to mimic the great things about steel, including sustainability, but with half the weight. 

How Commercial Aluminum Doors Compare to Doors of Other Materials

Aluminum isn’t nearly your only option for commercial door materials; it’s just a great one. How do aluminum and glass storefront doors stack up?

  • Aluminum is the most durable of commercial door and window materials.
  • Commercial aluminum doors require significantly less maintenance than wooden doors.
  • Entry doors made of aluminum are less expensive than most wood and steel doors. 
  • Commercial aluminum doors are super light compared to other door materials. 
  • Aluminum beats steel and wood in water-resistance. Store-grade aluminum doors don’t warp or rot like wood, and they’re more resistant to corrosion long-term than steel.

When you factor in how attractive aluminum and glass entry doors are for a business’ storefront, it’s a win-win all around. 

Schedule a Free Consultation with Commercial Door Repair Professionals

Since business doors come in all shapes and sizes, we recommend scheduling a free consultation to evaluate storefront door and window solutions for your building. Your business’ door may have a special size or there may be certain needs that should be considered as part of the design. 

For instance, all storefronts need to be ADA-compliant, which will largely shape the design, size and placement of whichever kind of commercial door you choose. We can also discuss options like fire doors, insulation, and other security needs. Every business is different and requires a unique approach.

Commercial Aluminum Door Repair Services – Available 24/7!

When you run a business, it’s important that you have functioning doors 24/7 – not just for a good first impression, but for security reasons as well. If your business closes its doors at night, you should be able to rely on them to keep your products safe from thieves. Unfortunately, many storefront doors are susceptible to breaking and entering, especially once they’re worn or damaged. And in some cases, companies continue to operate with a door that’s already been broken into. That’s why we’re available to repair aluminum store doors around the clock. If your businesses door was damaged and you need immediate service, we’re here for you – just call 916-442-7243.

Can Garage Door Torsion Springs Be Repaired?

Whether the springs on your garage door can be repaired or require replacement depend on a few different factors. Cracked or broken springs can sometimes be fixed but in general it may be better idea to just replace them entirely. If the repaired spring breaks again then you’ll have to pay money for another service call. Springs are also dangerous and shouldn’t be tampered with. If the spring snaps, it could fly off and damage a person or your property. If we’re called out to a home or business for garage door torsion spring repair, we typically look at the age of the spring and the extent of the damage before proceeding with repairs.