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Specialized Doors for Critical & Regulated Environments

Any number of commercial and industrial settings require doors that fall outside of the norm. The commercial door professionals at SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR are skilled at designing compliant, precision specialty doors for any unusual setting. We can source any materials, parts, finishes, and treatments your sensitive environment might require. Some examples of specialized doors our professional technicians can install and service include:

Double-Swing Impact Doors

Designed for high foot traffic and visibility, these doors can prevent collisions in fast-paced environments like hospitals and restaurants. The built in window provides a clear view to the opposite side to allow employees to see one another in advance, and the dual swing hinges allow for easy and hands-free passage.

Corrosion-Resistant Doors

These high quality doors are built to withstand difficult environments such as hospitals, food industry, salt, cafes, industrial facilities, and more. We provide doors in a variety materials to suite any hostile environment. Common types are stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Laboratory Doors

Lab doors must be able to contain sensitive substances and effectively separate environments. They are typically made of steel or fiberglass to be resistant to chemicals and fire. They may also have features like airtight seals and self-closing mechanisms to prevent the spread of contaminants.

Radiation-Shielded Doors

There are several industries that require radiation-sealed doors for safety, including nuclear, medical, research, and military facilities. Radiation-shielded doors are used in environments where exposure to radiation must be minimized. They are typically made of lead or other heavy materials that block radiation.

Bullet-Resistant Doors

As mass shootings, riots and other types of public violence become more common, adding bullet-resistant doors to vulnerable public settings like schools, religious centers and grocery stores. 

Clean Room Doors

In certain medical and research settings, clean rooms are one of the most sensitive and procedurally risky spaces in a facility. Cleanroom doors are used in these controlled environments where contamination must be strictly controlled. They are typically made of smooth, easy-to-clean materials and have airtight seals.

And much more – SACS professionals are proficient at even the most specialized doors, including fire doors, forced entry doors, pass doors, and more. Have a special need for your business that requires our expertise? We have a solution for all commercial door applications!

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Garage Door Repair DIY vs Hiring a Technician

Most people enjoy savings a few bucks when they can. And if you’re handy with fixing things, there’s no better way to save money than performing do-it-yourself repairs. But that doesn’t mean your upcoming garage door repair project is the best idea. Contrary to what most people believe, hiring a garage door technician is usually an affordable task thanks to the relatively low cost of repairing a garage. With a technician, you’ll receive quality service that’s backed by a guarantee. But DIY projects don’t carry a guarantee. And you risk voiding your door’s warranty or worse – injuring yourself. When it comes to fixing a garage, hire a pro and save the DIY project for another area of your home.