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Garage Doors

Service & Repair

Cable loose or broken? Need to replace a broken spring? Garage door motor acting up? We have you covered!


Garage Doors

Need a new garage door? Need a new remote for the garage door motor because it doesn’t work or has limited range?

Garage Door Openers

Garage door only work intermittently? Chances are your opener is getting radio interference from other sources.


Roll Up, Storefront, and Gates

We offer repair, installation and sale of commercial overhead, storefront, security, and specialized doors.

Garage Door Repair

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency repair or routine maintenance, Sacs Garage Door Repair is always available to service the Sacramento region. Check out our blogs for answers to all of your garage repair questions. You’ll find tips on routine, upkeep tasks you can do yourself, explanations on more in-depth garage-related issues, as well as creative ideas, DIY projects, and current trends.

There are two cases when you’ll definitely want to give us a call. One: when your garage door is off track, you must stop using it immediately to prevent more damage. We can do an emergency house call, letting you go on about your day. Two: Always call a professional when needing to replace a broken spring — doing so yourself is way too risky.

Fixing a noisy garage door is something you might be able to do yourself. If loose parts are rattling, you can tighten them with a lug wrench. You can also lubricate rickety parts with oil (never WD40) to reduce an annoying creak. It might be loud because it’s time for a new garage door opener, which is something we can definitely help with.

Garage Door Repair in Sacramento or Los Angeles

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Sacs is your expert in Garage Door Repair in Sacramento, Roseville or Los Angeles! We’re ready 24/7 to respond to your residential and commercial garage door repair or new installation needs. We cover garage door repairs in all areas of Sacramento including Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, Granite Bay, South Sacramento and Elk Grove and throughout the Los Angeles area. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and years of experience that you can rely on, you won’t be disappointed.

Sac’s Garage Door Service Offerings

Sacramento garage door

  • Opener Repairs
  • Garage Opener Installation
  • Spring Replacements
  • Cable & Track Repairs
  • Track Installation & Repair
  • Replacement Openers
  • All Brands Covered
  • Panel Replacements
  • Keypads & Remotes
  • New Door Installation
  • Certified Technicians
  • Guaranteed Service

Garage Door Openers

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, Sacs Garage Door Repair can pay you a visit and assess whether it’s a quick fix or a new opener is needed. Garage door openers do wear out eventually, after so many uses. Since newer models are substantially more silent, and oftentimes “smart,” it might make more sense for you to replace. With a smart garage door opener you can control and access your garage door from anywhere you happen to be. Using your cell phone, you can close the door if you accidentally leave it open. You can instruct delivery drivers to call when your package is being delivered, have them place the package inside, and close the door behind them. Your smart system can also alert you if your garage door is being tampered with by an intruder, and help you keep tabs on whether your teenager is actually coming home on time.

Expert Technicians Servicing Sacramento, Roseville and Surrounding Areas

Sacs Garage Door Repair prides itself on offering superior customer service. We value our customers and offer 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. Our years of experience set us apart from the many other garage repair companies in the area. You might not realize it, but some of these companies are nothing more than a business name and a website, hiring help off Craig’s List when needed instead of working with a qualified and committed staff.

Sacs is dependable — available 24/7, 7 days a week, and trustworthy — we will always provide an estimate and consult with the client before doing any work.

Our reputation, your peace of mind.

“Job’s not done ’til the customer’s happy!”


Servicing All Brands & All Sacramento Or Los Angeles Area Garage Doors

It’s never a bad time to install a new garage door

Along with being silent and “smart,” a new garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal and add value to your property. Return on investment in a new garage door is nearly dollar for dollar. Most garage doors last 15-20 years, tops. Even if your garage door is under a decade old, there have been so many technological advancements in the garage door industry, a new door is sure to add convenience to your life. It’s a good time to make sure your garage door opener is supported by battery backup (required by law), and meets energy efficiency standards. A new door can drastically improve the look of your home, and there are so many new styles to choose from. Carriage doors add charm, while large glass panels offer a contemporary look.