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What You Can Expect Garage Door Repair to Cost

Garage door repair cost can vary according to the size, type and quality of the garage door, but there are some generalizations that hold true across the board. You can expect an average home garage repair visit to cost around $134, though accessibility and working conditions may affect the price. Business locations may range close to $190. Apartments may be in the $150 range.

Problems with controls, openers, springs, or sensors cost about $150. Issues that prevent a door from closing may cost about $123.

Cost can vary according to the type of garage door as well. Roll up doors operate on a track system. Tilting or swinging doors are powered by springs. Roll up doors involve a good deal of components, but they are easier to access for repairs. Costs average about $130. Though the functionality of tilt doors are simpler, working with a heavier, single door can be difficult, so the repairs are a little pricier. These costs average $180.

Of course you can save money through garage door repair DIY if you know what you are doing. Be careful, however, especially if the work involves the springs. These can be dangerous and are best left to a professional.

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How to Fix a Garage Door Off Track

When a garage door comes off its track, it’s worse than annoying. It’s a serious security issue. You can fix it yourself with a few simple tools, or you could call a professional like Sac’s. First, disconnect the garage door from the opener and manually open the door. Locate where the wheels have jumped the track, and snap locking pliers underneath the door of the tracks. Pull the outside edge of the door open with a pair of pliers and wedge the wheels back onto the track. When it’s back on the track, knock everything back into position with a rubber mallet – a regular hammer may damage your door. Remove the locking pliers. Test the door and congratulate yourself for a job well done.