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Garage Door Repair DIY: Making Adjustments to Your Garage Door


Off TrackWhen it comes to repairing garage doors DIY, there are generally two parts of your garage door that require adjustment from time to time: the garage door track and garage door springs. You can generally adjust the track if it hasn’t gotten too far off alignment. If it has, you may require service from a professional. Some springs can be adjusted. Others are far too dangerous and require the expertise and tools of a professional.

Adjusting the Track

There are two ways you can adjust the garage door track. One, you can align the track with the door itself so the rollers work properly. Two, you can adjust the track so the door aligns with the weather stripping. The garage door track is attached to the frame with metal clips. You have to set the track to align with the rollers. Try to leave a half inch to ¾ of an inch between the edge of the door and the track.


There are two types of garage springs when it comes to garage door repair. Overhead springs can be adjusted easily and don’t require special tools. Torsion springs are difficult because they are under a considerable amount of pressure and risk injury. They also require special tools. Torsion spring adjustment is not a garage door repair DIY. It should always be left to a professional.

Tension springs can be adjusted by moving the hook that holds the cable to another hole to increase or decrease the tension. You can also loosen the clamp on the cable and adjust the tension of the cable. This can still be a hard job for a novice, so you may want to consider a professional, rather than repairing the garage door yourself.

Garage Spring Repair: Just Hire a Professional

When it comes to DIY garage projects, there’s a lot you might be able to do on your own. Fixing springs on a garage door is not one of them. Each year, thousands of individuals are injured performing garage service. Springs are one of the most dangerous parts of a garage. Not only are they holding up a three hundred pound door, but they’re under heavy tension. A lot can go wrong. From them shooting off into your property, or bodily injury if you get caught in the spring. It’s simply not worth the risk of trying to fix it on your own. From Rocklin to Citrus Heights, we’ve fixed all kinds of different springs. Call us and we’ll provide you a quality repair at affordable prices.