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The Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener


The Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener

If you haven’t upgraded your garage door opener in the last 6 years, it might be time to step into the 21st Century. Smart garage doors open an entirely new world of convenience and possibility. They put complete control of your garage door right at your fingertips using any phone or mobile device. This means you have complete control of your garage door at work, on vacation, while your at the doctors office. That kind of convenience has more applications than you think. Here’s why you should consider installing a smart garage door opener — how it can change your life for the better.

Many people come to us needing garage door opener repair but instead decide to upgrade to a smart garage door opener. There are a variety advantages to embracing the latest smart technology. It just allows you to do more with your garage door both from a practical and security standpoint. You can do anything on your phone? Why not have complete control and access to your garage door too, from anywhere in the world. Consider these advantages.

Remote Entry

You’ve probably gotten the call. You’re sitting at work completing the last items of the day when your teen calls you and says they’re locked out of the house. Either they’re stuck doing their homework in the driveway for a couple of hours while you finish up, or you’re clocking out early to come let them in. Consider a new option: Open the garage door right from your phone, wherever you are. Smart garage door openers, the latest fix in having complete access remotely, let you raise and lower the door right from your phone.

So if you’ve left the garage door open before you left, or your teen is locked out, you’re in the clear.

No Stolen Amazon Packages

Another great advantage to remote entry is Amazon delivery. Provide instructions in your delivery to have the UPS guy call you when your order is being delivered. Raise up the door and have them stash the goods securely inside. Never lose another package to burglars again.

Be Alerted to Suspicious Activity

Most burglaries happen during the daytime because the thieves know you’re at work. A smart garage door opener can alert you to suspicious activity. If someone is trying to pry your garage door open or another opener is being used to try to open the door, you’ll be alerted. Security cameras will tell you what’s going on. You can then completely shut off all access to the door and alert the police.

Save on Electricity

Just like your dog, a standard garage door opener is always on standby, waiting for you to come home. That means it uses electricity, waiting for the signal. With a smart garage door, you can remotely turn the whole thing off while you’re away, saving on electricity. Then whenever you need to access it, you can turn the whole system on again. You can even set it to a clock so it will automatically come on when you return and you don’t have to set a reminder.

Enforce Curfews

If you have a teenager with a curfew, a smart garage door can tell you when that door has been assessed so you can better monitor their comings and goings. You can set up a system that notifies you which opener was used to open the door. Smart garage door openers help make parents smarter too.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Explained

Your torsion spring is the spring located across the top of your garage door. It should only be repaired by a professional. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension. They can cause serious bodily injury if they should suddenly snap. This spring is what makes opening and closing your several hundred pound garage door seem so easy. You can usually tell if a spring is broken by looking at it. Either the spring is stretched out so it has lost its tension energy or there will be a two-inch gap in the spring, which is a visible gap of where the spring broke. You can also check the spring by examining the door’s balance. If you raise it up and it hangs from one side or the other, you likely have a spring problem.