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How a New Garage Door Fixes These 5 Suburban Hassles


If your garage door is old and beat up, a new garage door will obviously improve the curb appeal of your home, and by extension, its resale value. But have you considered how improved and convenient your daily routine would be with a new door? Many of life’s inconveniences can be solved with the new technology capabilities of a modern smart garage door. If the powerful return on investment doesn’t convince you to install a new garage door, or at least a new, smart garage door opener system, the way this home improvement can totally transform your life will. Here are 5 life hassles that are completely solved with modern garage door technology.

Forgot to Close the Garage Door? Do it From Your Phone

We’ve all been there. It’s early in the morning. The coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. You’re late for work. You forget to close the garage door. With a smart garage door, this is no longer a problem. First, you’ll get a phone notification you forgot to close the door. And then you’ll be able to close the door remotely from anywhere — sitting in traffic, at the office, playing a round of golf. Smart technology puts the power of control in your pocket, literally.

Someone Stole Your Amazon Order? Provide Deliverymen Specific Access

Smart garage doors put an end to package theft. You can leave special instructions to your delivery driver to call you when your package arrives. You can give them access to your garage door so they can place your package safely inside. Never lose another package again — and you don’t even need to glitter bomb the culprit.

Heating or Cooling Bills High? Get an Insulated Garage Door

It’s not your imagination — electric bills are getting more expensive. This is a phenomenon only further exacerbated by climate change. By installing a new garage door, you can opt for higher insulation. This is a good idea even in the beautiful weather of Sacramento, California or Seattle, Washington. California summers can get really hot, and Washington winters get really cold. An insulated door protects your garage, and by extension your home, from the heat as well as the cold. This improves the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.

Need More Space? Add a High-lift Design to that Insulated Garage Door

Space is certainly at a premium in Sacramento suburbs like Fair Oaks, Arden Arcade, Carmichael, and Citrus Heights, not to mention Seattle’s main metropolitan area and surrounding communities. With an insulated door, you can turn your garage into a comfortable living space. Transform it into an entertainment space, yoga studio, gym, or meditation sanctuary. The first step is to make it comfortable. Installing a new insulated garage door does just the trick.

Another feature common in new garage doors is a high-lift feature, which allows way more overhead space in your garage, so the garage door limits the use of your space way less.

Is Your Home’s Curb Appeal Lacking? Design a Custom New Garage Door!

If you’re not impressed by the appearance of your home, a new garage door is a great place to begin. After all, it is the largest front facing feature of your home. As we mentioned, a new garage door installation’s impact on curb appeal is why it has one of the highest returns on investments for all home improvements. If your door is beat up and just plain ugly, a new door will give your home a face lift. You can follow that new door up by repainting your home, trim, and front doors to match.

Thinking about installing a new garage door? We’d be happy to help. We install new garage doors in the Sacramento, California area, including Folsom and Rocklin, and we’re also in the Seattle, Washington area, including Everett and Bellevue!

Safe Options Available For Storefront Glass Doors

Glass entry doors are preferred for businesses like banks, grocery stores and shops, so that customers feel welcome and enticed. The downside to glass front doors and windows is their vulnerability to shattering amidst break-ins. Sacs not only repairs broken glass doors, , but also offers safer solutions. We carry safety glass doors made of laminated glass that reduces risk of injury by staying in one piece when smashed, as well as ADA-compliant motor operators for your storefront.