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12 Interesting Things you Didn’t Know about Garage Doors


Everybody loves a good bit of trivia, especially when it’s about something that interests them. As an exterior door company focused in residential garage door installation, maintenance and repair, our favorite trivia is… you guessed it – about garage doors. And while, in our humble opinion, there are a thousand interesting things about garage doors, here’s a much shorter list of 12:

1. When properly cared for, a garage door can last well over 20 years.

2. The average residential garage door experiences 1,000 cycles (open + close) each year.

3. 25% of people have so much stuff in their garage, they can’t park a car inside.

4. Installing a new garage door on your home has a 98% rate of return on investment.

5. Corporate giants like Google and Apple started in garages.

6. Over two-thirds of homeowners say their garage door is their home’s main entry/exit point, not the front door.

7. The modern garage door concept was invented just over 100 years ago.

8. In comparable homes, an older garage door vs a new garage door can increase the latter home’s value by up to 4%.

9. AC vs DC matters: DC garage door opener motors are quieter than AC motors.

10. A torsion spring can last up to a decade, even on a high-cycle door.

11. In cases of extreme wind, the garage door is often the part that starts a home’s destruction.

12. Well over two-thirds of homeowners report using their garage door opener at least once every day.

See? Garage doors can be interesting! But, of course we think that – it’s kind of our whole thing.

Why You Should Be Scared of Your Garage Door Torsion Spring

Some things in life deserve respect, purely because they’ve got the potential to cause real harm if they’re not taken seriously. The torsion springs on your garage door are 2 of those things. Located at the center top of the overhead door’s frame, across from the garage door opener’s motor unit, these heavy-duty springs are under hundreds of pounds of pressure and torque. If they bend or rust, they can break. And if they break, your door comes crashing to the ground, possibly hurting you or your car. It’s important to pay attention to the springs on your garage door, and leave any and all handling of them to the professionals.