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Archive: July 2023

Don’t Forget Your Garage During Your Spring Cleaning Spree!


Every home needs a good reset once we’re out of our winter hibernation; all that cabin fever can kind of make you hate… your cabin, if you will. And that includes your garage. Here are our 10 best tips for giving your garage a good

How to Make the Most of the Space in Your Garage


Obviously, a garage is intended to house your cars, bikes, motorcycles – any vehicle you’d like to protect from the elements and people with bad intentions. And for many of us, the garage is also more than that. We keep our tools and our lawn

Don’t Forget These Elements When Setting Up Shop In Your Garage


A quick search on Pinterest for “workshop plans” or “workshop layout” will bring up detailed illustrations for all sorts of plans, sophisticated to simple. More complex plans are available for carpenters and woodworkers using their shop on a regular basis, but we are going to

Garage Door Repair 101: Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage


Spring comes early in Sacramento, California. Honestly, did it ever really leave? But as spring flowers sprout their shining hairdos, you know it’s time to brush off the dust and get down to spring cleaning. Where to begin? Why not start at the most disorganized

How Fireproof is Your Garage? A 5 Question Checklist


A garage in your home means having accessible convenience — for cars, storage, parties or even exercise space. Ultimately, what you do with it is up to you. But here’s a startling statistic most people don’t know: 93% of all residential building fires start in

How to Convert a Dirty Garage into the Office Space of Your Dreams


Work from home or just need some extra office space for bills and organization? Your garage may be the perfect solution. Okay, it may take a little imaginative vision — especially if your garage is currently packed to the roof with boxes and tools and

Why Fresh Batteries May Be the Garage Opener Repair Solution You Need

Broken garage door opener? Have you tried replacing the batteries? It may seem obvious — almost too obvious — but you’d be surprised how many emergency repair calls we’ve made that just need new batteries. In fact, we’ve made it a point to include a fresh pack of batteries in the tool box of every garage door repair truck we send out on call. In addition to batteries, it’s also a good idea to make sure your opener is plugged in. Finally, take a look at the fuse box. You may have just flipped a switch that can easily be reset. If that doesn’t work, give us a call. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair to the Sacramento area. All of our work is certified and guaranteed.