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Archive: April 2019

4 Things You Can Do to Fix a Noisy Garage Door


Does your garage door wake up the neighbors? There are many reasons why your door is so noisy — rusty parts, an old chain, perhaps it’s out of alignment. The good news is the problem is often very simple to fix. A little oil and

4 Repairs to Extend Lifetime of Your Garage Door


It’s easy to take a well working garage door for granted. About 99% of the time, your garage door functions so smoothly you barely even think about it. It’s easy to forget how much convenience they provide our lives. At the same time, they also

Tight on Overhead Space? 3 Alternative Approaches to Garage Door Opener Installation


Are you installing a new garage door opener on a new or existing garage door? Don’t be surprised if space ends up being a challenge. The carriage for a garage door opener is going to require a good deal of space. It needs room to

Garage Door Problems: 5 DIY Home Repairs


It’s true that garage doors wear out overtime. No matter how well you take care of your door, eventually it will need replaced. It’s inevitable. That’s practically a law of physics when it comes to home ownership. But it’s also true that regular preventative maintenance

Simple Approaches to Garage Door Opener Repair

Repairing the motor to your garage door opener does not mean you need to completely disassemble it. In fact, many times all it takes are a few key tweaks and adjustments externally. First check the remote and the keypad. Make sure the opener itself has electricity. In fact, 9 times out of 10 an opener problem is really just an electrical problem. And even if the power isn’t connected, disconnect it and plug it in again. Like computers, unplugging and restarting the opener might just do the trick. It’s also worth checking the alignment of your electric eyes. These are the two eyes at the bottom of the door that transmit a laser signal. The eyes stop the door from closing if the path is disrupted, say by a running child or pet or something in the way like a bike, mower or car.