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Archive: January 2021

How to Make an Airtight Seal on Your Garage Door


To some degree, every garage has it’s issues with dirt, water, and mouse droppings. But these problems can become especially bad if your garage door bottom seal is worn out. During rainstorms, it can let in water and dirt. It can also be an entry

Great Balls of Hail! How to Protect Your Garage Door from Severe Weather


Hail storms in Davis, Folsom or anywhere in Sacramento can be Biblical, especially during the rainy winter season. It can cause devastating damage to roofs, gutters, siding, windows, landscaping, and garage doors. Quarter size hail is not uncommon, and some storms have been known to

The Pros & Cons of Steel Garage Door Installation


Are steel garage doors for you? Obviously, that depends. There are numerous advantages, but there are also a few drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider when thinking about steel as a material for your new garage door installation. Pros: Durability, Weather Resistance

Factors to Consider When Researching New Insulated Garage Doors


If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you naturally want it to look good. After all, as the largest front facing feature on your home, the door pretty much sets the stage when it comes to curb appeal. And that can have

Selling Your Home? 6 Upgrades You Should Consider


Selling a home? It’s a lot of work, but all that effort can really pay off in the end. All those improvements you’ve been planning become critical on your to-do list. Rather than making them somebody else’s problem, dealing with these issues can substantially improve

5 Reasons You Should Consider Installing a Second Garage


Have one garage? That’s cute, but two garages are even better. You might not even realize you need a second garage, or even want one, but the truth is it can change your life. Here are 5 reasons why a second garage is the bee’s

Does Your Garage Door Have Battery Backup? Why It’s Necessary


It’s official. If you install a new garage door in Sacramento, or really anywhere in California, you’ll be required to install battery backup. As of July, it’s the law. All new garage doors are required to have battery backup. The law was sponsored by a

4 Reasons Why Installing a New Garage Door is a Genius Idea


Garage doors are like a well loved pair of pants. You usually don’t notice it’s time to replace them until it’s too late. Suddenly the same door that looked great last year is beat up, run down, and overdue for a new one. What are

How Safe is Your Garage? 5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe


Garages are designed for security in mind. They keep our cars, sports equipment, lawn and garden gear safe from thieves. As the biggest door in your home, your garage door has many security features — the ability to lock, the ability to only be accessed

4 Efficiency Checklist Items for Buying a New Garage Door


For anyone considering replacing their garage door, how it will affect their energy bill should be one of the primary considerations when choosing the best door. An energy-efficient door can substantially lower your bills every month, helping you not only save money but increasing the

Why You Should Call an Emergency Service for After Hours Storefront Door Repair

It never fails: Storefront door problems always seem to happen at the end of a shift. You’re tired and ready to go home. Do you really have to deal with this repair tonight? In short, yes you do. Many thieves are trained to tell when a door is broke. They’ll see your broken door as a golden opportunity. How risky is it? How much inventory is inside? A breakin could mean not only your job but millions of dollars lost to theft. Fortunately, we feature 24 hour emergency garage door repair. We’ll be happy to come take a look and find a solution fast. This way, you’re protected. Your job is secure. And you’re home within the hour. How cool is that?