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Archive: June 2018

Why Garage Door Replacement Is a Good Idea


You can easily spend a couple thousand dollars on a new garage door installation — it’s a serious investment. Not that you should be scared. It’s actually a very sound investment since it’s real equity that gets pumped into the value of your home, nearly

Garage Door Safety and Why It’s So Important


If you had to ask us what one of the most neglected areas of a home is, we’d say a garage door. Think about it – when was the last time you had a garage door inspection? Most home and business owners are simply used

The Importance of Talking to Your Family About Garage Doors


We’re so used to having a garage door attached to our home that it’s become second nature when using it. I bet you hardly even think about it as you hit your garage door remote to open or close it. There’s no doubt about it

Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips – Get Ready Now!


As yet another summer passes here in Sacramento, the team at Sacs Garage Door Repair wants to remind home and business owners to perform a garage door inspection before winter arrives. The combination of changing temperatures and rust often results in various problems with your

Surprising Garage Door Maintenance Statistics Show Safety Concern


A new study on garage door maintenance has recently revealed a shocking revelation: nearly 82% of homeowners aren’t caring for their garage doors properly. Over half of the homeowners who took the poll reported that they have never had a garage door opener safety check

Garage Door Maintenance: Preparing for Spring


Spring is nearing closer and closer with every passing day, and with it, comes the need for a little garage door maintenance in your home or business. Why Spring, you ask? In simple terms, the temperature fluctuations caused by the changing seasons can lead to

Garage Fire Prevention: Flammable Material in Your Garage


It’s no wonder that garages are the one place in a home most prone to fire. We don’t often think about it, but a garage is an incredible safety hazard. Even if your garage door itself is in good condition and repair, the garage can

How to Avoid Garage Theft During the Holidays


Here at Sac’s Garage Door Repair we wanted to wish all our neighbors in Sacramento a very happy holiday season. But just as there are people enjoying the holidays, there are those looking to spoil someone else’s fun. Unfortunately, the holidays tend to bring increased

The Real Cost of a Cheap Garage Door


When it comes to home repairs, we all like to save a few extra bucks when possible. If you’re considering buying a new garage door, sometimes that savings could end up costing you even more down the road. Cheap garage doors are generally made with

Prevent Garage Door Break-ins with This $1 Trick


Learn How You Can Secure Your Garage with a Zip Tie One of the most popular methods thieves use to break into garages involves a simple method of inserting a wire clothes hanger into the top of the panel and releasing the safety. This trick

Garage Door Springs: Watch Out for This Common Repair Scam

One of the most common repair scams involves upselling torsion springs for a garage door. This usually starts with the technician offering you different tiers of spring pricing up to a “lifetime” warranty choice. First, spring manufacturers typically only provide 90-day warranties on their springs. Any longer period than that would have to be covered by your technician. Most companies only offer an additional 2 to 3 years and if they go out of business – you’re out of luck. Even the lowest-rated spring should last you more than five years if you operate your door a few times a day. If it sounds like too good of a deal to be true, it’s probably better to call a different company.