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Archive: August 2023

How Will Temperature Change Affect Your Garage Door Springs?


Among the many reasons seasonal maintenance for your garage door is a must is the effect weather changes can have on your garage door’s springs. Whether extension or torsion, garage door springs deal with tension and torque, and they’re also metal, so fluctuations in temperature,

Repair or Replace that Old Garage Door Spring?


If you’re in the Sacramento area and you are dealing with a garage door spring issue, SACS GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is here to help you resolve the problem. Garage door springs can often be repaired or replaced, and our team of professionals can help you

What’s the Lifespan of a New Garage Door Installation?


The Estimated Lifespan of a Garage Door The average lifespan of a garage door can vary depending on many factors. The quality of material, how often you take care of it, and how often it’s used all play a part in determining its life expectancy.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With These Garage Modifications


When purchasing a garage door, one of the last thoughts on most people’s minds is how energy efficient the door is. After all, your door just serves as a way to enter and exit your garage, right? In truth, your garage door is the single

Increase Your Home’s Value and Safety With New Garage Doors

Are you considering buying garage doors? If so, check out the following facts about replacing your garage door in your home. Because a garage door takes up a significant portion of your home’s exterior, a charming new panel can increase your house’s curb appeal, and thus its overall sale value. A major bonus for those looking to sell. You can also expect to see reduced energy costs if your new door comes with insulation. Garage doors that are wind or hurricane-resistant can even reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Give Sac’s Garage Repair Company a call today and find out how brand new doors can benefit your home or business.