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Archive: March 2021

Don’t Forget These Elements When Setting Up Shop In Your Garage


A quick search on Pinterest for “workshop plans” or “workshop layout” will bring up detailed illustrations for all sorts of plans, sophisticated to simple. More complex plans are available for carpenters and woodworkers using their shop on a regular basis, but we are going to

Garage Door Dents: Are They Fixable?


Own an aluminum or steel garage door long enough, and you will eventually also own garage door dents. This is especially true if you have kids: soccer balls, baseballs, teen drivers and horseplay can wreak havoc on your garage door. Dents can become quite unsightly

5 Do-It-Yourself Blogs for Your Next Home Project


If you’re anything like us, we love a good do-it-yourself project. Whether it’s DIY garage door repair or a cool little craft, we’re all for it. So, we decided to scour the web and found 10 of the coolest DIY blogs for all you handy

Garage Door Window Installation for Homeowners


If you’re planning on installing windows for a garage door, there’s a few important things to keep in mind. We’ve seen a few cases where homeowners take a do-it-yourself approach and take it upon themselves to cut out openings and install the windows themselves. Unfortunately,

Garage Door Repair: How to Replace a Roller


A well-maintained garage door can often last you a decade or longer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t also apply to your garage door parts. Chances are, you’ll need to replace things like screws, springs, hinges, and rollers long before you’ll need to buy a new garage door.

How to Restore an Old Garage Door and Save Money


If you have a metal garage door, there’s a good chance that some rust has accrued over the years.  The first step in this situation is to clean the whole door with hot water and dish soap. Once it dries, you can apply a generous

Getting a New Garage Door? Creative Ways to Recycle Your Old Door


Replacing a Garage Door? Give the Old One a New Use! While garage doors are made to last a long time, they will eventually break down. When new garage doors are imminent, repurposing the former one is probably not a thought that crosses most people’s

Springs, Pulleys, Garage Door Openers & More – We’ll Fix It All

There’s a lot of different parts on a garage door. And when one fails, the whole door can stop working. If your garage door stopped working, don’t panic. Most repairs are affordable and quick. Sometimes it’s as simple as installing a few replacement parts for the garage door. At Sac’s Garage Door Repair, we carry a large variety of parts for all your repair needs. And if we don’t have it, then we can order it for you. We know how frustrating it is when your garage won’t open. Our friendly technicians are available around the clock, so give us a call today.