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Archive: July 2021

Mitigating the Effects of the Pacific Coast’s Notorious Rainy Seasons


Whether you live in the Sacramento area or the Seattle, WA area, you’ve definitely noticed there are seasons where it just never seems to stop raining. In Washington, the rainy seasons are primarily in the Spring and in the Fall; it’s raining in Seattle about

Your Garage Door is the Unsung Hero of Your Home


Every homeowner has constant maintenance projects. Furnaces need replaced, security systems need upgraded, maybe your home’s gas line has sprung a leak or the seal on your kitchen sink drain isn’t so effective anymore. But if you have a garage, something you probably use every

Handy Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Functioning Beautifully


Looking for a fresh look for your garage door? You could just install a brand new garage door. That’s a great idea — since a new garage door has one of the highest returns on investments for all home improvements. But most homeowners only buy

Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips – Get Ready Now!


As yet another summer passes here in Sacramento, the team at Sacs Garage Door Repair wants to remind home and business owners to perform a garage door inspection before winter arrives. The combination of changing temperatures and rust often results in various problems with your

Tips for Thoroughly Cleaning a Garage Panel


No one likes a dull garage door panel. If your garage door looks like its seen better days, this blog post is for you. Over time, it’s normal for the panel on your garage to lose its color. This is often a result of years

Garage Door Panel Cleaning Tips for Homeowners


If you’re the proud owner of a new garage door and want to ensure it stays looking brand new, you’ll need to clean it up occasionally. Cleaning a garage door isn’t a difficult task but the type of panel you have does matter. For example,

Surprising Garage Door Maintenance Statistics Show Safety Concern


A new study on garage door maintenance has recently revealed a shocking revelation: nearly 82% of homeowners aren’t caring for their garage doors properly. Over half of the homeowners who took the poll reported that they have never had a garage door opener safety check

Garage Door Maintenance: Preparing for Spring


Spring is nearing closer and closer with every passing day, and with it, comes the need for a little garage door maintenance in your home or business. Why Spring, you ask? In simple terms, the temperature fluctuations caused by the changing seasons can lead to

How to Tune-Up Your Garage Door


The longer you own your garage door, the more you’ll notice problems with its performance – especially if you don’t take proper care of it. Common signs that your garage door needs a little attention include: Noisiness Difficulty opening Visible signs of rust Frequent breakdowns

Spring Is Here. Time For A Routine Garage Check-Up


With all the spring cleaning chores to do on your list, it’s easy to ignore your garage door. However, by paying a little attention to it, you can help avoid costly repairs down the road. Start by inspecting your door for any visible signs of

Estimating Garage Door Repair Cost for Your Home in 2016

Keeping your garage door properly maintained is an important responsibility for all homeowners. A door that is taken care of has a reduced chance of breaking down when you need it the most.  Plus, it’s much safer. The cost to fix a garage door varies depending on the type of parts and panel you own. For the most part, repairs are very affordable, with most service calls costing between $100 to $300. Because most garage door parts are not expensive and the time it takes to repair doors is short, service calls tend to not cost much. Emergency overnight calls and brand new garage door replacement are generally the most expensive. Your technician should always be able to provide you an accurate quote upfront.