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Archive: July 2024

Keep it Green with An Eco-Friendly Garage Door Maintenance for a Sustainable Home


Your garage door is a vital part of your home, providing security, shelter for your car, and even contributing to the overall curb appeal. But how you maintain your garage door can also impact the environment. Here at Sachs Garage Door Repair, we’re committed to

Spring Is Here! Time for a Routine Garage Door Tune-Up


It’s the trope that once winter’s over and we emerge from our cabin-fevered, cozy houses, we get to work cleaning and fixing all the stuff we let lax while we let winter’s bad behavior do its thing. For most of us, this gets a little

What is Aluminum Capping for Garage Doors?


This method of retrofitting a wooden garage door frame is also referred to as aluminum cladding. Basically, sealed aluminum is formed to perfectly fit over the garage door’s wood frame, protecting it from weather and wear-and-tear. It’s a great alternative to completely replacing the garage

SACS’ How-it-Works Tutorial on Overhead Garage Doors


Unless you DIY your seasonal garage door maintenance, you might not be really familiar with the garage door parts that have to cooperate for your garage door to operate properly. Let’s be honest – many of us press that garage door opener remote a few

Weather is Unpredictable: Protect Your Home from Water Damage


Whether you live in a flood zone or in a location with rainy seasons like Sacramento or Seattle, water intrusion is a constant worry. Water damage to your home or garage can end up costing thousands of dollars in damages and repairs, not to mention

What Does Garage Door Weather Stripping Do?


Part of your regular garage door maintenance should be making sure your garage door’s weather stripping is in good condition. Weather stripping is a flexible seal that runs the length of the top, sides and bottom of your garage door. It is there to seal

Choosing a Garage Door Today is a lot More Complicated Than it Used to Be


Nowadays, garage doors are an integral part of any home, whether it’s used as car housing, a workshop or a converted living space. So, naturally, there’s more to think about for your new garage door installation than simply, does the garage door opener open and

Mitigating the Effects of the Pacific Coast’s Notorious Rainy Seasons


Whether you live in the Sacramento area or the Seattle, WA area, you’ve definitely noticed there are seasons where it just never seems to stop raining. In Washington, the rainy seasons are primarily in the Spring and in the Fall; it’s raining in Seattle about

Your Garage Door is the Unsung Hero of Your Home


Every homeowner has constant maintenance projects. Furnaces need replaced, security systems need upgraded, maybe your home’s gas line has sprung a leak or the seal on your kitchen sink drain isn’t so effective anymore. But if you have a garage, something you probably use every

Handy Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Functioning Beautifully


Looking for a fresh look for your garage door? You could just install a brand new garage door. That’s a great idea — since a new garage door has one of the highest returns on investments for all home improvements. But most homeowners only buy

Should You Repair a Garage Door Spring?

We walk our readers through many garage door repairs, but a busted spring is not one of them. We do have some advice — this is not a DIY repair. It’s too dangerous! The spring is what makes lifting a several hundred pound garage door feel as light as a box of cereal. It’s under an incredible amount of tension. If it should snap, say when you’re trying to repair or disconnect it, it can release with sudden violence. Garage door springs have been known to send people to the hospital — even the morgue. Do yourself a favor and call a professional. Even if you notice slack in the spring, rust or brittleness, have it inspected by someone certified who knows what they’re doing. Don’t become a statistic!