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Archive: November 2022

Garage Door Materials: What are My Options?


The first garage doors were solid slabs of wood, just like their carriage-house predecessors. Then came aluminum and steel. Then fiberglass, and now there are even more options for home garage door design. Let’s take a look at your options for garage door material construction

Sustainable Garage Door Construction & Design


Installing a new garage door? Make it green! No – not the color; that’s a choice, and probably not the right one. But you can make your new garage door eco-friendly by taking a few things into consideration during the design and installation process. Choose

What Factors Into the Cost of a New Garage Door


Considering garage doors are so essential to daily life, only need replaced every 15-30 years, and offer a near dollar-for-dollar ROI, you might expect them to cost more than they do! Along with curb appeal, a new, fully-functioning garage door increases safety, peace of mind,

Installing a New Garage Door? 6 Materials to Consider


Thinking about installing a new garage door? It pays to do your research. And one of the first things to understand is that garage doors come in a variety of materials. Each has various advantages, shortcomings, and cost considerations. Here’s a brief breakdown on some

The 3 Most Common Garage Door Materials


If you are considering installing a new garage door, the first decision you need to make is what material to use. While there are numerous options that now include composite materials, there are 3 basic garage door materials used the most often: steel, aluminum and

Choosing the Best Garage Door Panel for Your Home


If you’re planning on buying a new garage door, there’s a few important things to consider. One of these things are what type of material you’d like your door to be made of. Steel, aluminum, and wood are just a few of the options available.

Easy DIY Garage Opener Repair

If the opener of your garage door doesn’t work with either the remote control or keypad, first make sure you are in range. Move closer to the door and see if it works better. The opener is essentially a small radio and you might be experiencing reception interference. Check to make sure the antenna is in good shape and not bent in any way. Another easy way to repair your garage door opener is to reprogram it. Each opener has a slightly different method of reprogramming. Consult your user model or look up instructions online based on your make and model number.