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What Factors Into New Garage Door Cost


Considering garage doors are so essential to daily life, only need replaced every 15-30 years, and offer a near dollar-for-dollar ROI, you might expect them to cost more than they do! Along with curb appeal, a new, fully-functioning garage door increases safety, peace of mind,

How to Increase the Lifespan & Function of Your Garage Door


A garage door is so important to convenience and security. It doesn’t just protect your garage — it protects the entire home. And of course it also protects the thousands of dollars in tools, equipment and vehicles inside, not to mention your family’s very safety.

Is Your Garage Door as Secure As it could be?


The number one precaution you can take to prevent thieves from ransacking your garage or gaining access to your home is also the most obvious — keep the door closed! Burglars will always choose the path of least resistance, and even if you have a

5 Design Ideas to Take Your Garage Door From Boring to Beautiful


It’s the perfect time for a near-perfect return Home renovations and backyard projects have become increasingly popular as people across the country, and especially in California, have been spending more time at home. We want to make our living areas and backyard hangouts as comfortable

3 Projects to Optimize Property Value When House Flipping


House flipping is definitely a profitable venture in Sacramento, California. Buy a house that needs a little fixer upper handiwork and you can resell it for lucrative cash. Many of our regular customers do just that. They invest in real estate that needs a little

Garage Door Lifespan: When Is Replacement Needed?


According to an article posted by Today in 2003, researchers found that the average lifespan of a garage door is 30 years – but only if you take good care of it. And this is true, most garage panels are sturdy and can last for

Save Money with an Energy Efficient Garage Door


If you’re one of the many residents of Rocklin that dread opening their energy bill in the hot summer months, then an energy efficient garage door might be just what you need to help keep costs down. When homeowners think of ways to reduce costs,

The Dangers of Reusing Old Garage Door Tracks


New Garage Doors – Should You Reuse Tracks? Let’s face it: we all like to save a few bucks when possible. Reusing old garage door tracks is one of the ways homeowners will try to cut costs when installing new garage doors. But is it

Learn How to Stay Cool with Garage Door Insulation


Reduce Energy Costs by Insulating Your Garage Panels Are you finding your garage unbearable in the blistering hot temperatures of Roseville? If so, consider insulating your garage. Proper insulation helps your garage stay cool and comfortable. Don’t forget that your garage is the largest opening

How to Fix a Dented Aluminum or Steel Garage Door Panel


Different garage door materials offer varying durability; certain materials dent more easily than others. Today, most homes have garage doors made of aluminum or steel because these materials hold up well to general wear and tear as well as weather factors like water and sun.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

Are you wondering about the costs of replacing the spring on a garage door? The answer to this question depends on the type of spring you need. Extension springs are the cheapest, but they do not last long and can cause added wear on your door. We recommend using torsion springs which are safer, more durable, and offer smoother operation. Expect to pay between $100 to $300 for new springs. If you want two high-quality torsion springs, the cost can be higher. Let us know how often you use your garage door and we can help you pick the best spring for your budget.