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Archive: April 2024

How Long Does a Garage Door Really Last?


When it comes to home maintenance, the longevity of your garage door is crucial not only for functionality but also for enhancing your home’s overall value. A 2003 study highlighted by Today revealed that the average lifespan of a garage door is approximately 30 years.

Learn How to Stay Cool This Summer with Garage Door Insulation


Insulating your garage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about beating the heat in the Sacramento area. Despite that, it can make a significant difference in your comfort level and energy bills during the scorching summer months. Many homeowners

Garage Door Materials: What are My Options?


The first garage doors were solid slabs of wood, just like their carriage-house predecessors. Then came aluminum and steel. Then fiberglass, and now there are even more options for home garage door design. Let’s take a look at your options for garage door material construction

Sustainable Garage Door Construction & Design


Installing a new garage door? Make it green! No – not the color; that’s a choice, and probably not the right one. But you can make your new garage door eco-friendly by taking a few things into consideration during the design and installation process. Choose

Should you Consider Replacing your Garage Door?


Between the cost and the hassle, no one likes to say goodbye to their old garage door. It’s been with you for decades (probably). And every time it’s had an issue, the cost of repairing the garage door has been easy in terms of money

What is Aluminum Capping for Garage Doors?


This method of retrofitting a wooden garage door frame is also referred to as aluminum cladding. Basically, sealed aluminum is formed to perfectly fit over the garage door’s wood frame, protecting it from weather and wear-and-tear. It’s a great alternative to completely replacing the garage

The Devastation of California’s Ever Increasing Wildfires


In recent years, climate change and ground water debts have made California more susceptible to wildfires than ever. According to the state’s statistics, there were over 9,900 incidents in 2020 that burned a total of 4.26 million acres and damaged or destroyed well over 10,000

What Factors Into the Cost of a New Garage Door


Considering garage doors are so essential to daily life, only need replaced every 15-30 years, and offer a near dollar-for-dollar ROI, you might expect them to cost more than they do! Along with curb appeal, a new, fully-functioning garage door increases safety, peace of mind,

How to Increase the Lifespan & Function of Your Garage Door


A garage door is so important to convenience and security. It doesn’t just protect your garage — it protects the entire home. And of course it also protects the thousands of dollars in tools, equipment and vehicles inside, not to mention your family’s very safety.

Is Your Garage Door as Secure As it could be?


The number one precaution you can take to prevent thieves from ransacking your garage or gaining access to your home is also the most obvious — keep the door closed! Burglars will always choose the path of least resistance, and even if you have a

Getting a new garage door can solve several problems

There’s never a wrong time for new garage door installation. In fact, there are probably several hassles you haven’t realized would be eliminated by getting a new door. It’s past time to upgrade to a smart technology system, so you can open or close the garage door from afar — and even remotely give access to an Amazon deliverer so they can place your package inside. Replacing your garage door will practically pay for itself, because a new well-insulated door will cut your utility bill by not letting hot or cool air escape. Sac’s Garage door Repair is available to repair or replace garage doors, anytime of year, anytime of day. Give us a call.