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Archive: May 2021

Having Amazon Packages Delivered Inside Your Garage, Not As Creepy As You Think


Having everything delivered is more popular than ever, with more people working from home and socializing less. But as Californians eventually go back to the office and out on the town, having a multitude of packages spending long hours on your porch can cause concern.

How a New Garage Door Fixes These 5 Suburban Hassles


If your garage door is old and beat up, a new garage door will obviously improve the curb appeal of your home, and by extension, its resale value. But on a more immediate level – have you considered how improved and convenient your daily routine

Forget to Close the Garage Door? Smart Garage Doors Have You Covered!


Modern life’s a blur, especially if you’ve got kids, a job, piles of laundry and responsibilities. We’re constantly running out the door both literally and figuratively. And when it’s early in the morning before that first cup of coffee has kicked in? It’s understandable if

Smart Garage Door Openers: How Technology Safeguards Your Home & Family


Life’s a blur. So many mornings, we’re racing out the door, clinging to car keys and coffee for dear life. Add to that the grog of sleeplessness, and it’s understandable if you forget to close your garage door on your way out the driveway. Understandable

Garage Door Opener Repair 101: Replacing the Motor

Need to replace the motor in your garage door opener? It’s a fairly easy repair if you have the right tools and a little mechanical know-how. The assembly unit consists of the motor assembly and the motor gear. The motor assembly includes a grey cylinder, mounted inside the unit’s frame. The gear is a white toothed wheel mounted on a long metallic piece known as the sprocket shaft. Usually, you only have to replace one or the other. When you purchase a replacement kit (available at most hardware stores), make sure it’s the right horsepower for your door. Your average 2 car garage door works on 2 hp. Before you replace the motor, make sure the door is closed, the opener is disconnected and unplugged. Always remember, safety first.