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Garage Door Safety Features Checklist


Your garage door is easily the biggest appliance in your home. It’s huge, weighs hundreds of pounds, moves, and hangs over your head on the ceiling. Can you imagine if it fell? Or if it closed while your kid was doing chalk drawings on the

How to Shore up the Security of Your Garage Door System


Being the biggest entrance to your home, it’s safe to say your garage door has the potential to make or break the security of your home. Poorly-taken-care-of overhead garage doors will risk the safety of you and yours, while a well-maintained garage door with a

Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners


Our garage door, despite its size, weight and how much you use it, seems to be out of our mind almost all the time. That is, until it malfunctions and ruins your day, or worse, damages your car or injures a person. It’s not just

Choosing a Garage Door Today is a lot More Complicated Than it Used to Be


Nowadays, garage doors are an integral part of any home, whether it’s used as car housing, a workshop or a converted living space. So, naturally, there’s more to think about for your new garage door installation than simply, does the garage door opener open and

Garage Door Security Guidelines


We are all concerned about our home’s security to some extent, whether it’s because of the neighborhood we live in, how rural or urban our address is, or just our general personal preferences. And when we think about home security, we often think of things

Does Your Garage Door Have Battery Backup? Why It’s Necessary


It’s official. If you install a new garage door in Sacramento, or really anywhere in California, you’ll be required to install battery backup. As of July, it’s the law. All new garage doors are required to have battery backup. The law was sponsored by a

Garage Door Safety 101: What to Teach Your Kids


You may not realize it, but your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. As a highly complex mechanical object, it has numerous working parts that will wear out overtime. As these parts wear out on an object this heavy, it becomes a critical safety hazard.

How Safe is Your Garage? 5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe


Garages are designed for security in mind. They keep our cars, sports equipment, lawn and garden gear safe from thieves. As the biggest door in your home, your garage door has many security features — the ability to lock, the ability to only be accessed

7 Garage Door Repairs and Improvements to Increase Security and Safety


How safe is your garage door? This question essentially comes down to two issues: physical safety and security. As a hundred pound object that goes up and down several times a day, practically a thousand times a year, it can pose a serious safety risk

How to Stay Safe Around a Garage Door


Nowadays, most homes and businesses are equipped with a functioning garage door. In fact, garage doors are so common that we tend to take them for granted and forget just how dangerous they can be. If you own a garage door, it’s important to understand

Never Attempt Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Yourself

If your garage door doesn’t work because the torsion springs need repair, you might be tempted to replace them yourself to save money. We strongly caution against it. Any bit of research online will tell you that repairing springs is extremely dangerous and should only be done by a professional. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension. They are what makes raising and lowering your hundred pound door seem like a breeze. If a spring was to snap or be suddenly released, it can cause serious bodily injury, perhaps even death. Be safe and call someone who has the training and tools to do the job properly.