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Archive: August 2019

5 Reasons You Should Reconsider Garage Door Repair DIY & Hire a Pro


Thanks to the Internet, you can learn how to do pretty much any job yourself — including garage door repair. But here’s the thing: Do you really want to? Garage door blogs and YouTube videos make a lot of this stuff look easier than it

4 Garage Door Problems & Easy Ways to Repair Them


Roughly 99 times out of 100, a garage door works like a charm — it’s safe, opens automatically, and adds charm and beauty to the appearance of your home. But occasionally there can be a real problem that needs repaired — especially if regular maintenance

Need to Reprogram a Genie Garage Door Opener? Our How-to Garage Door Repair Guide


If you own a Genie garage door opener, reprogramming it shouldn’t require hocus pocus magic or 3 special wishes. While it can be easier said than done, there’s a process to follow. In this DIY garage door opener repair guide, we break down how to

4 Things You Can Do to Fix a Noisy Garage Door


Does your garage door wake up the neighbors? There are many reasons why your door is so noisy — rusty parts, an old chain, perhaps it’s out of alignment. The good news is the problem is often very simple to fix. A little oil and

4 Repairs to Extend Lifetime of Your Garage Door


How many times do you open and close your garage door in a day? The average American uses their door 3 to 4 times everyday, which is close to 1,000 times a year. It adds up fast. Garage doors wear out overtime. Most doors have

How to Troubleshoot & Repair a Garage Photo Eye


Most people think the most common garage door repair problems are related to the door itself. Is it off balance? Does it need a new chain? Are the cables worn out? And certainly our garage door technicians are sent on a good number of these

4 Ways to Eliminate Pests from Your Garage


We safeguard our garages against burglars, but rarely think about those teenee-tiny home intruders — cockroaches, rats, and other pests that have chosen home intrusion as their career. They often sneak in at night when we’re sound asleep. They borough in during inclement weather. And

Garage Door Safety 101: What to Teach Your Kids


Your garage door is not only the biggest door to your home. It also tends to be the most used, especially by kids. And parents tend to encourage this. Why risk losing a set of keys when kids can just memorize the keypad code to

Why You Should Cover Your Garage Door in Aluminum


Want to make life easier, have a more beautiful garage door and be better protected against the elements? Consider covering your garage door in an aluminum exterior. It’s an affordable way to simplify the upkeep of your door, make it last longer, keep it looking

DIY Garage Door Repair: How to Remove Unwanted Hardware from Garage Door Surface


Did you install a lot of carriage hardware to your garage door? This can have a quaint, authentic appeal for some, giving the door an antique feel. But as time wears on, that carriage hardware can get a rusty rundown look that can sometimes make

What Does a New Garage Door Cost?

Like most other household items, the cost of a new garage door can vary by a number of factors — quality, type of material, size, and the amount of insulation. Let’s assume you need an average size door of 16×7. An aluminum garage door typically costs between $1,500 and $2,000, depending on insulation. Steel garage doors can range anywhere from $750 to $3,500, depending on thickness, insulation, and weight. Wooden garage doors tend to be the most expensive, anywhere fro $1,200 to $4,000. You can get the same natural appeal for cheaper with a composite wooden door, which is around $1,200 to $2,200, on average.