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Archive: August 2020

Noisy Garage Door? Here’s Why & How to Fix It


Every time you go to open it, you know it’s coming: Your garage door is like a high school heavy metal band that’s so out of tune. You’re driving the neighbors crazy. The hair on your arms stands up. Even your cat can’t take it

4 Tips to Having the Best Garage Door in the Neighborhood


The garage door is the largest front facing feature on your house. Why not have the best garage door in the neighborhood? Not only will it make your neighbors jealous, but your house will literally be worth more. In fact, your garage door is probably

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Prevent a Rusty Garage Door


The beauty and condition of your garage door is a big reflection not only of your home’s appeal but it’s actual worth. Curb appeal has a huge impact on home appraisal, and the garage door plays a big role. Moreover, your garage door is a

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Protect Your Garage from Flooding


Winter and spring rains can get pretty intense in Sacramento California — and that can lead to substantial flooding problems. This can result in serious mold outbreaks — as well as damage to floors and walls. It can also cause a wooden garage door to

Our Case for Professional Garage Door Bottom Seal Repair


Granted, repairing your garage door bottom seal isn’t dangerous work. It’s not like replacing a garage door spring, balancing a garage door, or installing a brand new garage door — jobs that absolutely require the expertise of a professional to ensure safety and precision. Repairing

How to Troubleshoot Common Garage Door Repair Issues


Most garage doors work like a charm and operate trouble-free for years. But inevitably, something will go wrong eventually. Age, user-error and general bad luck can be culprits. Most garage door problems are easily fixable, but it helps to know what’s going wrong in the

Garage Door Won’t Open? The Most Common Reasons Why


Usually, garage doors work so beautifully we tend to take them for granted — like water out of the faucet. You push a button and a several hundred pound door goes up and down, granting instant access to your garage at a whim. A garage

Thinking about a New Garage Door? 5 Signs It’s Time


An attractive and well working garage door is important. It’s one of the biggest factors in determining the value of your home. It’s also important for peace of mind, convenience, and that cozy contented feeling of owning a beautiful home. And most homeowners replace their

3 Types of Garage Door Materials


If you are considering installing a new garage door, the first decision you need to make is what material to use. Essentially, there are 3 basic garage door materials: steel, aluminum, and wood. This guide will walk you through how to find the right garage

5 Reasons You Should Reconsider Garage Door Repair DIY & Hire a Pro


Thanks to the Internet, you can learn how to do pretty much any job yourself — including garage door repair. But here’s the thing: Do you really want to? Garage door blogs and YouTube videos make a lot of this stuff look easier than it

Tips for Sacramento Exterior Door Installers

If you understand basic carpentry, installing an exterior door in your Sacramento home shouldn’t be much trouble. Most of the job can be completed with basic hand tools. Make sure you accurately measure the size of your old door. Most are standard but there can be some variations. In order to get accurate measurements, be sure to remove any interior trim. Once you remove the old door, pay close attention to the condition of the framing and subflooring in the sill area. You’ll need to cut out and replace any rotted wood. For thinner doors, the sill area may need to be built up to compensate.