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Archive: January 2021

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way


The door will start to go down, but then stop and go up There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re pulling out of your driveway, running late, and just as you think your garage door is going to close, it decides to reverse course and

Why You Should Choose Local for Garage Door Repair


Buy local. It’s good for farmers markets, coffee shops, and breweries. And believe it or not, it’s also good practice in choosing a reliable garage door repair and installation company. The rise in online shopping has created national multi chain companies that don’t always prioritize

How to Prepare Your Garage Door Against Intense Storms


Are you ready for hurricane season? Can your garage door handle the fire and brimstone California winters can deliver? All we can say is God speed. It’s best to be prepared, especially since climate change has exacerbated weather patterns lately so you can never be

Great Balls of Hail! How to Protect Your Garage Door from Severe Weather


Hail storms in Davis, Folsom or anywhere in Sacramento can be Biblical, especially during the rainy winter season. It can cause devastating damage to roofs, gutters, siding, windows, landscaping, and garage doors. Quarter size hail is not uncommon, and some storms have been known to

Why the Cheapest Garage Door Spring Isn’t Really the Most Cost Effective


Is the movement of your garage door all out of whack? Does it jump up and down, have trouble moving along the tracks? Most likely, your garage door spring needs repaired or replaced. If you want to save money on garage door repair, knowing which

Considering Repairing Your Garage Door Springs? What You need to Know


If you don’t give much thought to your garage door, you’re not alone. Most people take their garage doors for granted until they need to be repaired or replaced. We don’t ask you to become experts on garage door repair! That’s what we’re here for.

Need to Manually Open Your Garage Door? A How-to Guide


We tend to take our automatic garage door openers for granted — like running water out of the tap until the well runs dry. When our garage doors stop working, it can suddenly feel like we’re back in the stone ages. Do you even know

Noisy Garage Door? Here’s Why & How to Fix It


Every time you go to open it, you know it’s coming: Your garage door is like a high school heavy metal band that’s so out of tune. You’re driving the neighbors crazy. The hair on your arms stands up. Even your cat can’t take it

4 Tips to Having the Best Garage Door in the Neighborhood


The garage door is the largest front facing feature on your house. Why not have the best garage door in the neighborhood? Not only will it make your neighbors jealous, but your house will literally be worth more. In fact, your garage door is probably

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Prevent a Rusty Garage Door


The beauty and condition of your garage door is a big reflection not only of your home’s appeal but it’s actual worth. Curb appeal has a huge impact on home appraisal, and the garage door plays a big role. Moreover, your garage door is a

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair: Why You Should Call a Professional

How do you repair a torsion garage door spring? You call someone else — a professional garage door repair company. These springs are under incredible tension and can be extremely dangerous. If the spring should suddenly snap, it can cause serious bodily injury, even death. A professional has both the tools and the expertise to do the job safely and effectively. You can inspect your own springs to see if they need repair, however. Check for signs of weakness — any indications of rust, slack or cracking. If you see something that’s a concern, call a pro for a more detailed inspection.