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Archive: February 2024

Seasonal Garage Door Repair: Watch Out for These Winter Problems!


Winter is terrible for so many reasons. Rain, clouds, cold, wind, and it seems like it’s night 80% of the time. Of the many dreary consequences of December through February, your garage door is oft forgot. But winter takes a toll on it, too, and

4 Common Reasons Your Garage Door May Break Down


Most of the time, your garage door works beautifully — you don’t even have to think about it. And then suddenly it doesn’t. Your day comes crashing to a screeching halt. You find yourself calling an Uber because you can’t get out of the garage

Don’t Touch Your Garage Door Springs. Period.


Some garage door repairs are safe to do yourself, but dealing with broken torsion or extension springs is not one of them. This is something we’re pretty adamant across the board. It’s not like you couldn’t figure out how to do it yourself; it’s that

How to Replace Your Garage Door’s Weather Stripping


Arguable the easiest DIY garage door repair out there, keeping your garage door’s weather stripping on point is simple, quick, and super-important. Weather stripping is what creates the seal around the sides and especially bottom of your garage door. It keeps your garage energy efficient,

What to Do When You Back into Your Garage Door


It happens all the time. Right now, somewhere, someone just shouted an expletive after trying to pull out of their garage while the garage door was still down. As such a common issue, it’s something we’re always ready for – it’s one of our most

Checklist Before Calling a Garage Door Repair Company


Many garage door repairs can be fixed with some simple DIY maintenance. Provided you’re handy and have the time, minor issues like broken trolleys, garage door opener motors and bent door tracks are safe and simple to deal with on your own. Other garage door

Garage Door Problems: Should You DIY, Have it Repaired, or Totally Replace?


Your garage door is the biggest and heaviest piece of equipment in your home. It does a lot of work, and it makes your life way more convenient. So, when it stops operating correctly, or altogether, you notice. But how do you know what’s an

A Garage Door Stuck Open is More Than Just Inconvenient


Having a garage door stuck closed might be the most frustrating garage door problem – especially if your car is stuck inside and you need to get to work. But if your garage door is stuck open, that’s also not a great situation. Yes, it’s

Where to Find Resources on Garage Door Repair


DIY garage door repairs are often pretty straightforward, but not all of them are safe for a homeowner to do on their own. (That’s the reason you’ve got people like us to call!). For instance, never – NEVER – try to mess with your garage

Three Beautiful Glass Aluminum Garage Doors Installed by SACS


Custom glass aluminum garage doors from SACS garage repair One of the most popular garage door aesthetics this summer has been our glass-aluminum option. There’s nothing more classic than rows of bright, clean glass windows emphasized and outlined by a black aluminum grid. It’s a

How to Tell it’s Time to Install a New Garage Door at Your Home

When you bought your home, your garage door was working perfectly. It was relatively new and it was an attractive part of your home’s curb appeal. But over the years, the garage door has weathered and faded, the tracks and hinges are rusting, and you have constant problems with the torsion springs. Maybe the eyes are even damaged, so you can’t trust it to open or close properly every time. These are issues that really compromise the safety of your family and the security of your home, so it’s probably time to get a new garage door installed. Just make sure you choose an expert professional who gives good advice and works with your needs and your budget.