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Archive: June 2017

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Door in Great Shape


It’s summertime, which means you’ll probably be using your garage door a lot more. Summertime parties, families enjoying the weather, kids coming and going with the bustling summertime activities — these are reasons our garages tend to get used more often during the summertime. Consider

Garage Door Maintenance: Preparing for Spring


Spring is nearing closer and closer with every passing day, and with it, comes the need for a little garage door maintenance in your home or business. Why Spring, you ask? In simple terms, the temperature fluctuations caused by the changing seasons can lead to

How to Tune-Up Your Garage Door


The longer you own your garage door, the more you’ll notice problems with its performance – especially if you don’t take proper care of it. Common signs that your garage door needs a little attention include: Noisiness Difficulty opening Visible signs of rust Frequent breakdowns

Prevent Injury by Inspecting Your Garage Door Today


Garage door safety month was back in June but it’s never too late to perform an inspection. As home and business owners, we use our garage doors a lot. It is easy to forget how heavy and potentially dangerous a door could be. While they

Garage Door Safety Month Is Over but You Can Still Inspect

Garage door safety month is over but you can still inspect your garage! Learn why this is important plus a simple trick that’ll show you how safe your garage door is.