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Archive: July 2023

5 Top Garage Door Opener Systems to Improve Operation & Security


The garage door opener you choose is just as important as the door itself; it determines how secure, efficient, quiet, and convenient your new garage door is. Choose a low-powered opener for a heavy overhead door and it’ll burn out in no time. Choose a

A Smart Garage Door Opener Can Be Controlled From Anywhere


Smart technology for garage door openers has changed the game. Not only in convenience, as you can now control your garage door from anywhere, but also in security and energy efficiency, as it streamlines operations. Even if you currently have an automatic garage door opener,

All About Garage Door Openers


Are you looking at replacing your garage door opener? Or maybe you’re considering automating the manual garage doors on your historic home. Nothing wrong with bringing vintage garage doors into the 21st century. There are a few types of garage door openers to choose from,

Why Does the Type of Drive I Have on my Garage Door Opener Matter?


Some garage door parts fly under our radar when we are choosing a garage door opener for our new garage door. Some openers have chain drives, while others have belt drives. Both are the pulling mechanism used to keep the garage door on track. There

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way


The door will start to go down, but then stop and go up There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re pulling out of your driveway, running late, and just as you think your garage door is going to close, it decides to reverse course and

Wildfire Preparedness Includes Garage Door Opener Upgrade


Battery Backup For Garage Door Openers Is Required By Law Wildfire season in California is more disastrous each year, and it’s important for homeowners to always be prepared for evacuating their property. When imagining this scene, your thoughts probably turn to your family, pets, important

4 Qualities of Superior Commercial Garage Doors


Installing a new garage door is a great investment — in fact it’s one of the best improvements you can make in your home in terms of ROI — 98%, nearly dollar for dollar. But not all garage doors are the same — they can

Our Thoughts On the 8850 by LiftMaster


Not too long ago, LiftMaster released one of the first Wi-Fi garage door openers in the indutry – the Elite Series 8550W. Although it’s been a few years since LiftMaster released the 8550W, it still remains a top-of-the-line garage door opener… one reserved for the

No Electricity? No Problem – Manually Opening Your Garage


Most people take their garage door for granted. After all, you press the garage door remote to open it and press it again to close. Garage doors tend to be fairly reliable and often work for many years before issues occur. But there’s nothing more

Now You Can Use Apple HomeKit with MyQ Garage Openers


Smart homes have gotten a little smarter thanks to Chamberlain and Liftmaster now being compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. We’ve written about MyQ garage door openers in the past, and they’re pretty cool little devices that allow you to operate your garage door from practically

Simple Garage Door Dent Repair Explained

Aluminum garage doors generally require less maintenance than wooden doors, but they also dent easy, especially if you’ve got kids. After a few dents, you might think you need to install a brand new door. Nonsense! A little temperature change is all you need to repair those dents in your garage door. Fill a bucket with dish soapy water. Soak a sponge and press it against the dent. Let it dry. Cut a piece of aluminum foil and hold it against the dent. Light a lighter and run the flame across the foil for at least 60 seconds. Remove the foil and spray the dented area with an air canister. Hold it upside down so it releases carbon dioxide. Wait two minutes and watch the dent amazingly pop back into place.