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Archive: August 2023

Suburban California Wildlife: Hank the Tank Hates Your Garage Door


Many Californians know firsthand how close neighbors we are with the local bears. There’s only so much we can do – they were here first, and they’re a little big to be scolding to get off your lawn. Well, in early 2022, one absolute behemoth

How to Organize a Cluttered Garage & Why You Should


Your garage is a significant part of the footprint of your home – up to 15% of total square footage, on average. But because it’s got a concrete floor and exposed beams, it’s often ignored more than other rooms in the house, especially when it

How to Keep Your Garage Cool during the Summer Months


Summers get hot. And more and more, they stay that way well into September, then start the process all over again in April. As summers become longer and hotter, keeping your home energy efficient and, more importantly, comfortable, can get difficult – especially in the

Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners


Our garage door, despite its size, weight and how much you use it, seems to be out of our mind almost all the time. That is, until it malfunctions and ruins your day, or worse, damages your car or injures a person. It’s not just

12 Interesting Things you Didn’t Know about Garage Doors


Everybody loves a good bit of trivia, especially when it’s about something that interests them. As an exterior door company focused in residential garage door installation, maintenance and repair, our favorite trivia is… you guessed it – about garage doors. And while, in our humble

Why are There Cracks in the Cement Slab of My Garage Floor?


This is a question with a dozen different answers. There are several types of superficial cracks, there are purposeful cracks (believe it or not), and there are structural cracks from age or settling. Depending on the type of cracks you’re seeing form in your garage’s

Choosing a Garage Door Today is a lot More Complicated Than it Used to Be


Nowadays, garage doors are an integral part of any home, whether it’s used as car housing, a workshop or a converted living space. So, naturally, there’s more to think about for your new garage door installation than simply, does the garage door opener open and

Chamberlain’s New “Pet Portal” Is a Safe and Smart Doggy Door Option


While most garage door brands have “smart” options, we decided to zero in on Chamberlain’s latest offerings, since their new “MyQ Pet Portal” made such a splash at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show). In the tech world, “smart” originally derived from the acronym “Self-Monitoring,

Factors to Consider When Researching New Insulated Garage Doors


If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you naturally want it to look good. After all, as the largest front facing feature on your home, the door pretty much sets the stage when it comes to curb appeal. And that can have

Don’t Buy an Automatic Security Gate Without Reading This First!


If you live in Sacramento, you don’t need us to tell that crime is through the roof. And it’s only getting worse. If you use the app NextDoor, it seems that every day you hear about a neighbor having their car broken into, window broken,

3 Popular Options for Commercial Door Glass Replacement

When replacing glass in a commercial door, you’ve got several different options: tempered, laminated, and thermally improved insulated glass. The advantage of tempered glass is its very durable (about three and a half times stronger than regular window glass). It’s highly resistant to weather and more secure from burglars and rioters. Laminated glass is 2 sheets of glass against an interior sheet of plastic and is also very durable. Thermally improved insulated glass is designed for extreme temperatures. It is extremely energy efficient and very durable. It’s very hard to break. These types of glass are available for windows as well as entire door units.