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Don’t Forget These Elements When Setting Up Shop In Your Garage


A quick search on Pinterest for “workshop plans” or “workshop layout” will bring up detailed illustrations for all sorts of plans, sophisticated to simple. More complex plans are available for carpenters and woodworkers using their shop on a regular basis, but we are going to

The Sky’s the Limit When Transforming Your Garage


Think Beyond the Obvious Office Conversion Last year we gave you some tips on transforming your garage from a dirty, dusty place crammed with clutter and tools into the office space of your dreams. Even though many more people are working from home these days,

Selling Your Home? 4 Ways to Boost Property Value


Thinking about selling your home? The market in Sacramento, California just keeps getting better and better. Property values only continue to accrue in suburbs like Davis, Gold River, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and Rocklin with no sign of stopping. Many are flipping their homes and

Selling Your Home? 6 Upgrades You Should Consider


Selling a home? It’s a lot of work, but all that effort can really pay off in the end. All those improvements you’ve been planning become critical on your to-do list. Rather than making them somebody else’s problem, dealing with these issues can substantially improve

Installing a New Garage Door? 6 Materials to Consider


Thinking about installing a new garage door? It pays to do your research. And one of the first things to understand is that garage doors come in a variety of materials. Each has various advantages, shortcomings, and cost considerations. Here’s a brief breakdown on some

Thinking about a New Garage Door? 5 Signs It’s Time


An attractive and well working garage door is important. It’s one of the biggest factors in determining the value of your home. It’s also important for peace of mind, convenience, and that cozy contented feeling of owning a beautiful home. And most homeowners replace their

5 Reasons You Should Consider Installing a Second Garage


Have one garage? That’s cute, but two garages are even better. You might not even realize you need a second garage, or even want one, but the truth is it can change your life. Here are 5 reasons why a second garage is the bee’s

How to Convert a Dirty Garage into the Office Space of Your Dreams


Work from home or just need some extra office space for bills and organization? Your garage may be the perfect solution. Okay, it may take a little imaginative vision — especially if your garage is currently packed to the roof with boxes and tools and

4 Reasons Why Installing a New Garage Door is a Genius Idea


Garage doors are like a well loved pair of pants. You usually don’t notice it’s time to replace them until it’s too late. Suddenly the same door that looked great last year is beat up, run down, and overdue for a new one. What are

Don’t Buy an Automatic Security Gate Without Reading This First!


If you live in Sacramento, California, you don’t need us to tell that crime is through the roof. And it’s only getting worse. If you use the app NextDoor, it seems that every day you hear about a neighbor having their car broken into, window

3 Popular Options for Commercial Door Glass Replacement

When replacing glass in a commercial door, you’ve got several different options: tempered, laminated, and thermally improved insulated glass. The advantage of tempered glass is its very durable (about three and a half times stronger than regular window glass). It’s highly resistant to weather and more secure from burglars and rioters. Laminated glass is 2 sheets of glass against an interior sheet of plastic and is also very durable. Thermally improved insulated glass is designed for extreme temperatures. It is extremely energy efficient and very durable. It’s very hard to break. These types of glass are available for windows as well as entire door units.