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Archive: February 2021

Keep Your Garage Critter Free Without Killing A Thing (Not Even a Mouse)


In a previous blog, we gave several tips on how to keep critters from setting down roots and getting comfy in the dark corners of your garage. Today we’re going to share a few techniques for controlling those pests if your prevention measures weren’t put

4 Ways to Eliminate Pests from Your Garage


We safeguard our garages against burglars, but rarely think about those teenee-tiny home intruders — cockroaches, rats, and other pests that have chosen home intrusion as their career. They often sneak in at night when we’re sound asleep. They borough in during inclement weather. And

Garage Fire Prevention: Flammable Material in Your Garage


It’s no wonder that garages are the one place in a home most prone to fire. We don’t often think about it, but a garage is an incredible safety hazard. Even if your garage door itself is in good condition and repair, the garage can

Danger: A Door Off Track Is a Hazard – Call Help Now!

If your garage door went off track, immediately block off the area and call a technician for help now. This a serious hazard that requires prompt repair. The reason for this is that most garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and once they go off the track they’re no longer stable. If the door collapses it could cause serious damage to life or property, so don’t wait to get help. Most doors that have went off track can be repaired quickly for a low cost. But if you wait and the panel collapses, you might have to buy a new garage door.