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Archive: May 2024

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Your Garage Door


When it comes to selling your house, first impressions are crucial. One of the most significant aspects of your home’s curb appeal is the garage door. An outdated or damaged garage door can detract from your home’s overall appearance, potentially lowering its market value. Upgrading

Oil Tempered vs. Zinc Galvanized Torsion Garage Door Springs Explained


When it comes to garage door springs, one size does not fit all – literally. Garage doors use different sizes, grades, strengths, and cycle-length springs. Torsion springs are the modern go-to for residential garage doors. But what are torsion springs? How are they different from

We Make Walls Go Up & Down: XL Clopay Door Demo


Check out one of our most recent garage door installs – this absolutely huge Clopay high-lift garage door. It’s 18’x16’ with 12’ of lift – so big it’s got its own place in a massive barndominium. Watch this video for a demo and an explanation

6 Reasons You Should Think About Getting a New Garage Door


Weighing the pros and cons of switching out your old garage door and its opener? As far as home improvements go, a new garage door installation can add a lot to your life just in terms of convenience. Add all the other benefits and the

Ever Wondered What a Garage Door Replacement Looks Like?


In this video, experienced SACS technicians walk us through replacing a residential garage door. The old garage door on this home was broken down the middle, and replacing it properly meant replacing the header beam as well as the fascia boards. Our professional exterior door

A Guide to Finding the Right Windows for Your Garage Door


Converting your garage to a living space and want a more airy feel? Considering updating the appearance of your home? Or are you just stuck in the process of choosing the right new garage door to install on your house-front? Whatever the reason, you’re likely

Factors to Consider for Your New Garage Door


So it’s time. You need to purchase a new garage door. Whether you’re finishing up some new construction and need an initial garage door install, or you have a broken garage door that just can’t be saved, the situation is the same, and so are

What Does the Average Homeowner Pay for a New Garage Door?


What’s the cost of a garage door? The answer to this question depends on a lot of different variables. Geography, weather, size, number, type, opener, and insulation can all affect what a given garage door repair or install costs. But for the sake of brevity,

5 Reasons a New Garage Door is a Great Investment


Your garage door is an important feature on your home. Not only does it secure your home and help protect it from thieves, but it has a big impact on home equity values. What kind of condition is your garage door in? Is it worn

Why Cheap Garage Door Installation Can Actually Cost You


It’s nice to save money around the house and trim the household budget, but not at the expense of quality. And some things (like cars and shoes for example) can actually cost you more if you’re too cheap. You’ll wear them out faster and have

Easy Garage Door Dent Repair Explained

Have a garage door dent? The good news is this is a fairly simple DIY garage door repair. First, wash off the dented area with soap and warm water. Dry it off. Next, measure enough aluminum foil to cover the area of the dent. Cover the dent with the aluminum foil so it extends past the dent on both sides. Light a lighter and run the flame back and forth over the flame with one consistent motion for about a minute. Remove the foil. Take a can of air and hold it upside down. Spray the dent with the canned air for about 30 seconds. The dent should suddenly pop out! This trick works due to some neat science you can impress the neighbor kids with. The extreme change in temperature and pressure causes the dent to revert back to its normal shape.