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Archive: February 2020

5 Surprising Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair


We live in the Golden Age of DIY. Thanks to the Internet, there is an endless supply of instructional blogs, videos, and how-to guides that show you how to do just about anything yourself. Yet like haircuts, some garage door repairs you can technically do

Garage Door Problems: 5 DIY Home Repairs


It’s true that garage doors wear out overtime. No matter how well you take care of your door, eventually it will need replaced. It’s inevitable. That’s practically a law of physics when it comes to home ownership. But it’s also true that regular preventative maintenance

Is It Safe to Remove Rust from Garage Door Springs?


Garage door springs are an important part of an overhead door system. Whether you’re using an extension spring or a torsion spring, these parts help counterbalance the heavy weight of your garage door. Without a functioning spring, your garage door opener won’t work and you’ll

Garage Door Springs: Why Torsion is Better Than Extension


Garage door springs are an important part of your door. Their primary purpose is to counterbalance the heavy weight of your garage panel which makes it easier for you or your automatic opener to open the door. Without a functioning spring, your opener would not

Garage Door Maintenance Helps Keep Your Panel in Great Condition

Do you know what trick is to a garage door that continues to work well year after year? A garage door tune-up and frequent inspections! If you’re not able to maintain your garage door parts and inspect your panel on a regular basis, then consider hiring a professional to do it for you. Inspections are simple, quick, and affordable. Just a few inspections a year can not only save you thousands of dollars in repairs but also help keep you and your loved ones safe. Your garage door is a heavy piece of equipment so it’s important to ensure it remains safe and useable. Call 916-442-7243 to learn more.