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Archive: May 2021

Your Garage Door is the Unsung Hero of Your Home


Every homeowner has constant maintenance projects. Furnaces need replaced, security systems need upgraded, maybe your home’s gas line has sprung a leak or the seal on your kitchen sink drain isn’t so effective anymore. But if you have a garage, something you probably use every

How to Make an Airtight Seal on Your Garage Door


To some degree, every garage has it’s issues with dirt, water, and mouse droppings. But these problems can become especially bad if your garage door bottom seal is worn out. During rainstorms, it can let in water and dirt. It can also be an entry

Tips to Preventing Critters from Infesting Your Garage


Is your garage a cockroach AirBNB? Maybe — and those disgusting little pests don’t even need to sign a contract. Your garage is a warm and inviting place. That makes it susceptible to an infestation by all sorts of creatures — snakes, mice or rats,

Our Case for Professional Garage Door Bottom Seal Repair


Granted, repairing your garage door bottom seal isn’t dangerous work. It’s not like replacing a garage door spring, balancing a garage door, or installing a brand new garage door — jobs that absolutely require the expertise of a professional to ensure safety and precision. Repairing

DIY Garage Door Repair: Step By Step Guide to Painting Your Door


Is your garage door an eye sore? Since a garage door is the largest facing feature on a home, it really sets the bar when it comes to curb appeal. An unattractive door doesn’t just make you an embarrassment to the neighbors — it can

Improve the Security of Your Home with These 5 DIY Garage Door Repairs


Most people don’t realize it, but thieves look towards garage doors as an opportunity. Not only is the garage door the biggest door in your house, but once the burglar is inside your garage door, they are hidden from sight. This gives them the necessary

Broken Garage Door? Don’t DIY – Hire a Technician Instead


We get the DIY spirit. As professional garage door repair folks, we love to repair many things, not just garage doors. We thrive off the challenge. We’re always trying to fix stuff around the house. But for the layman, keep in mind that garage door

Garage Door Repair DIY: Is It Worth the Risk?


DIY repairs are not only a great way to save some money, they can be a fun weekend project. But whether you’re a natural handyman or handywoman or you’re just trying to see if you can fix it yourself to save some money, DIY garage

Fixing the Garage by Yourself: Good or Bad Idea?


No doubt that our opinion is bias here but we strongly believe you should not try to fix a garage door by yourself. While it can absolutely save you money, it isn’t always worth the savings. Here’s why: 1) Garage Door Repair Costs For the

Repairing Loose Garage Door Screws


Assess the Condition of Your Garage Door Components If you’ve been using your new garage door for a few years without performing a tune-up, chances are there’s a few screws that need tightening or replacement.  Screws, nuts, and bolts are all prone to loosen up

Commercial Door Repair: Garages, Storefront, and More

Are you having troubles with your commercial door? At Sacs, we repair commercial garage doors, storefront doors, and more. Whether the door has been damaged or needs a complete replacement we can help you. We offer convenient 24/7 scheduling, and emergency appointments. We know how important it is for your door to function every day. If you’re having troubles with your door, give us a call today and our certified technicians will get you taken care of in no time. All technicians are insured, and repairs come with a satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.