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5 Reasons a New Garage Door is a Great Investment


Your garage door is an important feature on your home. Not only does it secure your home and help protect it from thieves, but it has a big impact on home equity values. What kind of condition is your garage door in? Is it worn out or becoming a safety and security issue? If you have an older door, chances are it’s bringing down the value of your home. And most likely it’s an eyesore and ruffling feathers in the neighborhood.

Most homeowners will install a new garage door at least once or twice in their lifetimes. Is it time to replace yours? Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider a new garage door installation.

Your Door is Damaged

Sometimes, a damaged garage door can still technically function. Dents are unsightly and an eye sore, but your door will probably open and close just fine. If you have a seriously damaged door, you might consider replacing it, even if it’s still working. It reflects poorly on your home and could become a safety issue.

Wear & Tear

Most families use their garage doors 3 to 4 times per a day. That adds up to over a thousand times a year — pretty impressive for an object that weighs hundreds of pounds. It’s a highly complex mechanical device. Overtime, parts will wear out. It’s only natural. Small problems might present themselves, leading to complete failure overtime. It may be a good idea to consider installing a brand new garage door.

Home Enhancement

There’s nothing vain about installing a new garage door simply because it looks good. It’s a solid investment in your property after all, one that must be nourished and protected. An older garage door can leave your home looking outdated. A new door gives the place a whole new look. And it can substantially boost your property values simply because of what it does for your curb appeal.

Time for a New Style

Perhaps it’s time to make a change. You’re tired of your old door. You’ve made upgrades to your home that simply don’t match your existing door. A new style of garage door could give your home the face lift it needs. The chance can prove significant.

Security Improvements

Older doors are real security issues. Thieves are trained to spot them as opportunities. Cracked or missing panels, broken windows, gaps are invitations for a crowbar. And consider all the valuables you have in that garage — vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, sports and biking accessories. Those become serious liabilities.

A new garage door could provide you the security you need. You’ll be able to leave for work or vacation knowing not just your garage is secure but your very home. A new garage door installation is an investment worth considering.

How to Find a Great Garage Door Repair Company

Looking for a garage door repair professional you can trust? Talk to friends and family about who they’ve used — what have been their experiences? Word of mouth can be the best endorsement ever. It’s also a good idea to read reviews on Google and Yelp and see what the community is saying. At the very least, you want a company that guarantees all their work and is insured. Make sure they only use certified licensed professionals. Many disreputable companies will only hire off CraigsList. You get people who don’t really know what they are doing. It’s also a good idea to check their listing with the Better Business Bureau. This will weed out a lot of the bad apples.