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5 Unconventional Businesses that Need Overhead Garage Doors


It’s not just industrial warehouses that need commercial garage doors. In fact, restaurants stand to benefit from overhead doors because they are a convenient way to provide customers with outdoor access on warm and sunny days. Greenhouses likewise stand to benefit for similar reasons. These doors are designed to be durable, energy efficient, and are extremely versatile. That has made them a hot commodity. They no longer are used in traditional garage doors anymore, but on restaurant floors, in car dealerships, even art studios.

Here are 5 businesses that rely on overhead commercial garage doors in unconventional ways.


As we mentioned above, restaurants are taking advantage of a trend of using industrial garage doors in spaces they serve customers because of the versatility. They allow access to the outdoors, essentially creating an outdoor serving area that can be opened or closed depending on the weather. This is a perfect way to create an engaging outdoor atmosphere where guests can enjoy the beautiful weather of Sacramento, California. Aluminum and glass overhead garage doors are becoming popular for cafes, breweries, and restaurants.

Automotive Dealerships

Industrial garage doors provide ample access for cars to be moved in and out of display rooms. It’s also a good way of showing off dealership inventory after hours when the dealership is closed. Plus, aluminum and glass overhead doors provide plenty of natural light, creating an attractive shine on the cars that open and inviting.

Fire Departments

The reliability of overhead commercial doors are truly tested when it comes to fire departments. These doors need to be open reliably on time. They also need to provide access for large trucks. And since these trucks go on frequent runs either to put out fires or safeguard traffic during accidents, these doors are frequently used. Their reliability also needs to be durable. Affordable efficiency is also important, as these are public works paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Offices & Apartments

Businesses need to provide parking for their workers. Apartments need to provide parking for tenants, often to fulfill legal requirements. When it comes to providing garage parking for numerous tenants, security is naturally a concern. These doors often work on a card system or a code system. They may also work via transmitters that are placed in the cars themselves. And since these doors go up and down frequently, durability is essential. You need an overhead commercial garage door that can last.


Greenhouses rely on overhead commercial garage doors for access to the outdoors, as well as protection from the elements. On beautiful days, an overhead door can be rolled up to allow customer access, as well as give the plants plenty of sunlight. During cold weather, the doors can be rolled down to protect the plants. If the greenhouse serves customers, visual appeal is key. You want a glass and aluminum door that is attractive while still fulfilling the practical needs you seek in a door.

Storefront Doors Available Sliding, Revolving, and Standard

The most common style of storefront door is aluminum and glass, which we provide in an array of sizes, styles, tints and colors to match your needs. For less conventional architectural styles, wood and hollow metal doors are also an option. And for businesses needing to facilitate foot traffic and flow of large crowds, automatic sliding or revolving doors customers use are a good choice.